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Building Design

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OnDemand Webinars

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Building Design

Level Yourself UP from CAD to BIM

  • Webinar Series: Level Yourself UP from CAD to BIM
    • Round Table: Make the Difference – Delivering BIM Projects with OpenBuildings Designer
    • Expert Talk: See the Difference – Accelerate Architectural Design Delivery Using OpenBuildings Designer
    • Expert Talk:Recognize the Difference – Designing Mechanical Systems Using OpenBuildings Designer
    • User Story: Hear the Difference – Successful Projects Using OpenBuildings Designer

Water and Wastewater

  • Webinar Series: Harnessing BIM to Design a Better Water Treatment Plant
    • Space Planning and Schematic Design with OpenBuildings Designer
    • Designing Sustainable Buildings for Water Treatment Facilities Using OpenBuildings Designer
    • Structural Detailing and Fabrication for Water Treatment Plants
    • Smarter Project Collaboration for Delivering Water Treatment Plants
    • User Success Story – Jacobs Uses Digital Delivery to Ensure Singapore’s Water Sustainability and Resilience
    • Designing a High-Performing Sustainable Water Treatment Plant with BIM

Building and Plant Design

Structural Design