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ProSteel, Bentley's steel detailing and fabrication software, has several modification tools for structural shapes and plates. This webinar will present ProSteel’s modification capabilities and show how to export elements to the most popular CNC formats.

​In this webinar, we will showcase: 

  • Modification tools for shapes and plates
  • Exporting options for CNC formats
  • How to set multiple output on a single sheet

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Webinar Presenters

Speaker_Teresia Suryasindhu

Teresia Suryasindhu

Structural Product Consultant
Virtuosity, a Bentley Company

With experience in both local and international projects, Teresia has managed the design, construction, and project management for offshore, oil and gas, and FPSO industries. She also has an extensive background in building, warehouse, plant, and topside projects. Being a regional product specialist with Bentley Systems and Virtuosity, she advises organizations on adopting the right technology according to the industry requirement and helps users achieving optimum results with an improved workflow.



Speaker_Kamil Gasinski

Kamil Gasinski 

User Success Manager Virtuosity, a Bentley Company

Kamil Gasinski is a Structural Design Engineer with over eight years of professional experience in the structural design of industrial steel structures, multi-storey, residential, and commercial buildings. He has experience performing calculations of concrete, steel, and aluminium structures throughout the Middle East and Europe. In Virtuosity as User Success Manager, he advises engineers on various structural solutions.