Webinar Series: Concept to Construction

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An introduction to multidisciplinary

projects with Bentley software

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From capturing the existing site conditions to the whole design process, including site layout, flood modeling, building design, geotechnical & structural analysis, right through to advanced project communication and simulation. ​

Part 1 - ContextCapture 

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Design, operate and deliver your construction projects more efficiently by integrating Reality Modeling. Ensure a unique source of truth, communicated easily and seamlessly across all stakeholders to ensure full collaboration, and a greater outcome at all stages of your asset lifecycle. ​

Part 2 -OpenBuildings

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OpenBuildings Designer

Let’s get BIM ready. Design, analyze, document, and visualize buildings of any size, form, and complexity. ​Effectively communicate design intent and bridge barriers between building disciplines and geographically distributed teams. Approach design starting with 3D modeling.

Part 3 - OpenSite

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OpenSite CC Campaign2

Continue along the path to construction with OpenSite Designer. OpenSite Designer is Bentley’s 3D civil site design tool. Site creation is quick and smooth as we test a couple of layouts on our parcel.  

Part 4 - OpenFlows

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Save time, money and differentiate yourself from the competition with our hydraulics and hydrology solutions. Confidently carry out conceptual and detailed engineering design on-time and within budget for water distribution and wastewater systems.


Part 5 - STAAD

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Design your structural projects more efficiently with Bentley’s suite of structural solutions. Ensure a unique source of truth, communicated easily and seamlessly across all stakeholders to ensure full collaboration, leading to an efficient workflow throughout all stages of your structural design.


Part 6 - PLAXIS

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Accurate design of foundations often requires multiple software programs. Therefore, software interoperability has a profound impact on the project’s success in terms of time and cost. In this webinar, we will show the workflow of a foundation design by importing geometry, subsurface information, and structural load data to PLAXIS 3D.


Part 7 - ProStructures

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ProStructures allows structural engineers, designers, detailers, and fabricators to efficiently create 3D models, design drawings, fabrication details, and schedules for a wide range of structural steel and reinforced concrete projects. The webinar will cover these topics.


Part 8 - SYNCHRO

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Discover 4D construction scheduling with SYNCHRO 4D. Learn to create 4D models to deliver better construction projects​. Generate a complete 4D workflow from the office to the field​. Understand project scope by levering the design model​, and plan your project better to save time and money.