Webinar Series: Concept to Construction
Part 1 - ContextCapture

Digital Construction
with Reality Modeling​ 

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Design, operate and deliver your construction projects more efficiently by integrating Reality Modeling. Ensure a unique source of truth, communicated easily and seamlessly across all stakeholders to ensure full collaboration, and a greater outcome at all stages of your asset lifecycle. ​

  • Create digital context out of images/point clouds​
  • Optimize the engineering workflow by consuming 3D meshes ​
  • Monitor your progress in real-time​
  • Communicate one single source of truth across all stakeholders​
  • Generate greater outcomes, customer loyalty and gain a competitive edge

The webinar will cover these topics: 

  1. Introduction to Digital Construction with Reality Modeling​.
  2. Create engineering-ready 3D meshes with ContextCapture​.
  3. Construction design and geo-planning with ContextCapture Editor​.
  4. Communication and integration with OpenBuildings Designer​.
  5. Reality Modeling bundle and the value of Virtuosity Keys.

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