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The 3D model has become a standard for construction projects in design and execution. But what about the next dimension of BIM - the fourth dimension?

4D models not only offer a stunning visualization of the construction schedule, but also are highly reliable and offer teams a large variety of uses and benefits.

Join us to learn more about leveraging cloud and mobile services with SYNCHRO's 4D model to maximize your construction management. 

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Integrating a 4D model within your construction management platform
  • Creating, reviewing, and editing 4D iModel for web and mobile access
  • Construction progress tracking on top of a 4D model for better visibility
  • Integrating GIS and reality capture data

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Webinar Presenters

Kamil 250x250 (2)

Kamil Łażeński

SYNCHRO Sales Engineer

Bentley Systems

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Daria Kosmala

Product Success Manager

Bentley Systems

Kamil holds a Master's degree in Railway Engineering with a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering.

He has worked in the engineering as assistant designer for several years before he joined Bentley in 2018. Experience gained in both small and global design companies taught him different design processes and requirements worldwide.

For the past 5 years at Bentley and now as Sales Engineer at Virtuosity, he has been leveraging his experience working closely with EMEA engineering companies, offering guidance and assistance where needed to help increase productivity and ensure the success of projects. 


Daria is a licensed architect with 10+ years of experienceincluding working on the construction sites, where she was involved both in project coordination and execution. 

She has been with Bentley since 2018, focusing on Building Design. ​In April 2020 she joined Virtuosity, a Bentley Company, to provide contractors, engineers, architects, designers and planners with access to leading technology for 3D modeling and 4D construction planning tools. As a Success Manager, she supports Users with getting them on-board with new software by training and expert services. ​