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In this webinar, presenters will discuss the importance of understanding water hammer in pressure systems and outline various aspects of the phenomenon such as its description, causes, and conditions for occurrence. It focuses on analyzing and protecting gravitational pressure systems and pump-pressure pipelines, emphasizing factors such as unsteady pump work and possible cleavage sites of the water jet. Various protections are available for penstock depending on the specific system. Together we will investigate using software and measures, and the presenters will recommend how to reduce the occurrence and impact of water hammer in a pressure collector of PS "x".

What you will learn:

  • Multi Scenarios of hammer occurrence​
  • OpenFlows HAMMER software quick overview
  • Impact of water hammer on water network 
  • Recommendation to reduce the impact of water hammer

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Webinar Presenters

Rua Suleiman

Rua Suleiman

Technology Consultant, Virtuosity



Rua is an experienced professional, holding a civil engineering degree and working in the water infrastructure industry. She has been part of major projects for water networks developments across the region. Now as a water technology consultant at Bentley’s Virtuosity, she works with various stakeholders including local government and community group to share latest technology for the water industry for sustainable and digital approach for water management. Her extensive experience gained her skill for matching community projects with innovative water management solutions to meet unique needs for different stakeholders. 







Ivan Kolev

Ivan Kolev

Founder and Managing Director, Engineerik Ltd


Ivan is an experienced water engineer with an over a decade of experience in water and infrastructure engineering to their role. They have successfully led the design of water infrastructure projects in different parts of the world Bulgaria, Easter Europe, whole European Union as an Expert part of Joint Research Centre (EU Science Hub). He has worked on over 40 projects as a project manager and chief designer. With their chartered engineer and chartered water and environmental manager experience, he has completed 12 training courses and hold over 10 licenses and certificates. He also published publications that contribute to the field. He is being highly efficient and fully committed to achieving operational excellence and delivering top-notch infrastructure solutions that exceed client expectations.