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Benefit from an integrated approach to station design, using OpenBuildings Station Designer together with LEGION Simulator for people flow analysis.

See examples of how enhance pedestrian flow capabilities in LEGION Simulator can improve the station design and passenger experience and safety.  

Leverage on the ability to reference between OpenBuildings Station Designer and OpenRail Designer, using the .dgn format.

Get an introduction on how GenerativeComponents can be used for the design of stations, as well as tunnels and viaduct structures.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Understanding the concept of people flow analysis
  • How LEGION Simulator relate to OpenBuildings Station Designer
  • Key features of OpenBuildings Station Designer 
  • Introduction to GenerativeComponents computational design 
  • Understanding the Virtuosity licensing model

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Webinar Presenters

Station Design - BIM & LEGION 

Dominik Schleipen

Dominik Schleipen 

Digital Solutions Consultant
Virtuosity, A Bentley Company

Having started his career as an architect, Dominik shifted his focus to innovative digital solutions for the building industry since 2006.

This included project roles, such as BIM and VDC manager on major projects and later I shifted more into regional and strategic digital advisory roles. My employers and clients included international architectural and engineering companies, contractors, water plant and mine operators across Europe and the Asia/Pacific region.

Yoothawee Haemapun bw

Yoothawee Haemapun

Consultant Pedestrian Analysis
Virtuosity, A Bentley Company

A licensed architect with 20+ years of experience, Yoothawee started his career forking for rail operators since 2001. As early as 2007, he started working with LEGION.

In 2018, LEGION was acquired by Bentley Systems. Since then, Yoothawee is assisting clients in the use of LEGION pedestrian simulation software as well as on the integration with OpenBuildings Station Designer. 

Over the years, he has helped major metro and rail operators, such as Transport for London or MTR Hong Kong, as well as major contractors during design development at construction stages.