Part 1- Heat Exchangers: From Design to Manufacturing Detailing

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Kettles have a conical transition, a floating head and a big shell that may complicate the design, but they also give plenty of possibilities for the type and number of passes and a simplified longitudinal design. From the tubes to the flanges, from scratch until drawings, come design a kettle heat exchanger in less than 30min exploring all components and solving the problems that arise.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • What to define to create a heat exchanger
  • How to modify the bundle layout to get your design
  • How to generate a bill of materials and drawings (2D, 3D and developments for manufacturing)

Heat Exchangers from design to manufacturing detailing 1

Part 2 - API 661 Air Coolers Design

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Air coolers are used there were water is scarce. Huge structures and big fans that can be repeated in units have a bundle of tubes between two headers. Air coolers’ is a small module in APVessel since only ASME Division 1 can be used, but it is still powerful as it designs the bundle and the headers and can draw the whole steel structure and platforms that surround them.


In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Air coolers headers and tubes
  • Steel structure drawings

API 661 Air Coolers Design

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Webinar Presenters


Luis Gonzalez

Product Sales Engineer, EMEA
Bentley Systems

Luis is a product sales engineer at Bentley. He holds a Msc. in Drilling Engineering and a Bsc. in Mechanical Engineering. Before joining Bentley, he worked in the Oil&Gas Industry in Wells Engineering for more than 10 years. In his current role, his main goal is to help infrastructure engineers deliver their projects using Bentley’s products.


Vivianne Genin

Application Engineer, AutoPIPE Vessel
Bentley Systems

Vivianne is a Mechanical Engineer, graduated from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, with experience in industrial projects engineering.

She joined Bentley in 2017 as a developer in the AutoPIPE Vessel team. In 2021, she moved to a new position as Application Engineer.