Webinar Series: Concept to Construction
Part 6 - PLAXIS

3D Geotechnical Engineering 
with PLAXIS ​ 

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PLAXIS CC Campaign
Accurate design of foundations often requires multiple software programs. Therefore, software interoperability has a profound impact on the project’s success in terms of time and cost. In this webinar, we will show the workflow of a foundation design by importing geometry, subsurface information, and structural load data to PLAXIS 3D.

The webinar will cover these topics: 

  1. Import of topography from OpenSite (after modifying the reality modeling data).
  2. Prepare the topography in PLAXIS Designer and export to PLAXIS 3D.
  3. Use a gINT model and export the BoreHole data to PLAXIS 3D.
  4. Model the building pit using retaining walls with anchors / struts.
  5. Perform slope stability analysis.
  6. Compute the groundwater lowering.
  7. Design the foundation with isolated footing, raft or piled foundation.
  8. Analyze the soil-structure interaction with STAAD.Pro using PLAXIS 3D coupling tool.

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