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Join us for a 3 Part Series on Designing and Engineering Roads digitally for the future, while we uncover different methods for automating some road design for your team, alternatives to tackle design control, and discuss new strategies to tackle projects with a DOT WorkSpace.  With an open mind, you might find new ways to tackle a road design and even contribute new ideas to your design community.

Part 1 | Demystifying Design Automation:

What is a Civil Cell?

Every civil design project has multiple items placed that are basically the same, but they may have different dimensions, materials, quantities or 3D components.

Examples are driveways, intersections, curb ramps, islands, roundabout approaches. These items can be pre-built and semi-automated as Civil Cells, rapidly replicated on a project, then modified as needed for each instance with ruled geometry.

Benefits for your designers:

  • Understand Semi-Automated Design (Civil Cells)
  • Benefit from Rapid Design & Customize for Project/Instance
  • Empower Employees with Pre-Built Civil Cells
  • Create Firm-Wide or Agency Civil Cells
  • Rapidly Place, Replicate & Edit Civil Cells

Part 2 | De-Coding Roadway Design:

Benefits of Dynamic Design Control

Roads and drainageways can be designed with a Corridor and help with the study/design of a project.  Learn parametric controls and techniques to create/manipulate a Corridor while finding new ways to overcome the design of intersections, driveways and turn lanes. 

Parametrically design your project to be able to adapt to 3D design changes like pavement depths, curb heights, shoulder slopes and ditch widths.  Keep your 3D model clean, with ways to dynamically cut out a portion of your 3D Corridor Model.

Benefits for your workflow:

  • Understand Corridor Creation
  • Develop a Use Case for a Corridor
  • Design/Control a 3D Corridor Parametrically
  • Keep your 3D Model Dynamically Clean
  • Target other Design Elements with your 3D Corridor

Part 3 | Beauty of a Workspace:

What does a Workspace do?

Leverage WorkSpace benefits today, regardless of location, or engineering tasks - there are some valuable tricks. Learn about the environment consultants can utilize to deliver consistent results while generating predictable 3D models used in both plan production and construction.

Benefits to your business:

  • Deliver pre-defined environments for design
  • Leverage learning materials for your team
  • Support design standard compliance
  • Offer flexibility to meet varying requirements
  • Maximize user productivity

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Webinar Presenters

Keith Boteler

Keith Boteler, PE

Senior Consultant
Bentley Systems

Mr. Boteler has over 30 years of experience in the Transportation Industry, with a strong technical/applied expertise as a Professional Engineer in both the private and public transportation sectors. His background as CADD Engineer for Mississippi DOT provides him with invaluable insight for client/project requirements.
Working in Bentley’s User Success Group, he provides Civil Professional Services to AEC consulting firms and government agencies. Additional responsibilities include development, configuration, documentation, training and support of Bentley’s Civil Solutions. He has built Civil Cell libraries for many agencies and actively provides OpenRoads Designer training, coaching, migration aid, and workspace development for clients. He is accredited in both MicroStation & OpenRoads Designer.

Scott Urban

Scott Urbas, PE

Civil Training Content Manager
Bentley Systems

Scott has over 25 years of experience in the Civil Engineering Industry. He has worked on small and large roadway projects across the United States as a Highway Designer focused on InRoads & GEOPAK training/support.

Scott joined Bentley Systems in 2017. His areas of expertise includes 3D Highway Design, 3D Modeling, Geometric Design, Cross Section Design, Right of Way Design, Training and Support. He is currently a Senior Content Engineer and Civil Training Content Manager responsible for developing OpenRoads Designer training content.

Don Lee-1

Don Lee

Senior Consultant
Bentley Systems

Senior engineering applications professional with strong technical, and applied expertise. An experienced internal and external consultant with deep knowledge in the areas of AEC software management, information standards design and development.

Over 28 years of technical experience using Bentley's products and services. He is a Senior Consultant for Bentley Systems in the Civil Engineering Success Services team and resides in Austin, Texas.

MicrosoftTeams-image (5)

Kyle Reeder, PE

Digital Engineer
Virtuosity, A Bentley Company

Over 10 years of experience as a Professional Engineer, Commercial UAS Pilot, and Extended Reality (XR) Designer. Kyle joined Bentley to talk with Engineers about the latest workflows for Civil Design. His Engineering career started in field operations/construction, he then moved to land development design, and soon after transportation/highway design.

Adding the tools of advanced algorithms, coding, reality modeling, and immersive design to his career has helped win work for large firms like AECOM and WSP. His experience has also provided innovative ways for small-to-medium sized businesses to solve critical everyday problems so they can continue to sustain, capitalize on investments and grow business.