OpenTower – The Next Generation of Communication Towers

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Welcome to the next generation of Communication Tower engineering. OpenTower transforms the design practices of telecom towers by encompassing the life-cycle management of tower engineering, starting from tower analysis to inspection and reality models, and finally completing the loop of a tower digital twin. It’s a purpose-built application for rapid modeling to evaluate tower ratings complemented by realistic graphics. A data-driven, catalog-based modeling environment coupled with advanced features like modification layers and scenario analysis, feedline tool, foundation design, etc. gives you the experience of next-generation tower engineering. 

You will learn about: 

  • Precision modelling tools for the most economical designs.
  • International design code options like TIA-222 F, G, H, AS1170.2-2011, AS3995, AS4100
  • Customized report creation– from structure data to loading, analysis output to design capacities for members, connections.
  • Modification layers and scenario analysis for lifecycle management in a single file.
  • Import MS Tower files td, twr and library files to OpenTower


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Webinar Presenters

Apurba Tribedi, Senior Director

Apurba Tribedi 

Senior Director, Bentley Systems

Apurba Tribedi is a Senior Director at Bentley Systems currently leading a distributed multi-national team to create and market new software and services for the telecom industry. After graduating as a Civil Engineer in 1994, he joined Research Engineers as a software analyst and soon became a lead engineer-programmer for the world’s leading structural analysis software, STAAD. For over 20 years, he has been managing, engineering, architecting, and developing engineering software and services. He has traveled around the world to train and market Bentley’s software products and services to its users. His vision was instrumental to the development of several Bentley product lines, including STAAD and OpenTower.

He is an engineer, programmer, inventor, author, and philanthropist. He was awarded a US patent in 2017 for his work on soil-structure interaction and has published several peer-reviewed papers for various journals and conferences. He currently has two other patents pending approval. Outside of his work at Bentley, Apurba shares a passion for supplying clean water to those in need and has installed water filtration systems to dozens of schools in his native town in India, improving the quality of life for tens of thousands of students and their families.


Teresia Suryasindhu

Structural Consultant

Experience in both local and international projects, Teresia was managing design, construction, project management until installation and commissioning for offshore, oil and gas and FPSO industries. She has extensive worldwide exposure to design and analysis of buildings, warehouses, plant and topsides.
Being a regional Product Specialist with Bentley Systems and Virtuosity, she consistently provides insights and advises organizations for adopting the right technology according to the projects requirement in achieving optimum result and improving the workflow with comprehensive solution.



Sreedhar Kalavagunta, Manager

Sreedhar Kalavagunta


Sreedhar Kalavagunta is an Engineering Manager for Tower product. Around 20 years of experience in various areas in civil/structural engineering such as Buildings, Bridges, and Industrial structures. He involved in development of structural products within Bentley like STAAD.Pro.
Sreedhar holds a PhD degree in Structural Engineering and published papers in international conferences and journals.