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When looking for a stormwater modeling solution, it is crucial to ensure that the software you select can model all aspects of your stormwater design project. From designing ponds to drainage pipes to outfall structures, OpenFlows CivilStorm can meet all your modeling demands. It's time to meet the software solution that can help make your workflows more efficient and cost-effective. ​

OpenFlows CivilStorm contains built-in tools that help optimize the design process, some of which will be discussed during the webinar. For example, pond modeling plays a role in the stormwater design process. Using OpenFlows CivilStorm PondMaker tool, users can model ponds with ease.​

Stormwater engineers often need a variety of solvers, site-specific storm data, and different runoff methods for design purposes. This webinar will cover how each of these components is handled in OpenFlows CivilStorm and showcase the platform’s ease of use.​

Join us for this free webinar to explore built-in capabilities of OpenFlows CivilStorm. 

What you will learn: ​

  • Get an overview of OpenFlows CivilStorm capabilities for stormwater modeling​
  • How to easily design a pond using the PondMaker tool​
  • See the three numerical solvers built into OpenFlows CivilStorm, including the explicit solver for pond analysis​
  • How to use Storm Data Manager​
  • View the runoff methods included in the software

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Webinar Presenters

Linsey Bowersox

Linsey Bowersox

Product Sales Engineer,  Water Infrastructure 

Virtuosity, a Bentley Company

Linsey Bowersox joined Virtuosity in 2021 as a Product Sales Engineer. She is focused on finding the best hydraulic and hydrologic solutions for professionals across North America. After obtaining her B.S. in Civil Engineering from Bucknell University in 2017, Linsey worked as a water resource engineer specializing in stream restoration, stormwater management, and drainage design. As a Product Sales Engineer, she is now able to use her technical background in the water industry to help find solutions that improve workflow and drive innovation. 

Izanami Vázquez

Izanami Vázquez

User Success Manager Water Resources

Bentley Systems

Izanami Vázquez is a Civil Engineer and holds a Master’s Degree in Water Resources. He has over 5 years of experience in different hydraulic and hydrological projects, solving practical problems and ensuring adequate and cost-efficient water flow and supply.