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In this episode, leading 4D BIM expert Sandeep Chinnobaiah will walk us through how his team has leveraged SYNCHRO 4D to optimize construction projects and identify delay risks early on. 

We will also discuss how SYNCHRO 4D can be utilized for resource utilization planning and financial risk management. 

Join us in this episode to learn more about the exciting world of 4D BIM - from the experts themselves!

  • Identify different types of delay risk factors in a 4D environment with real life examples
  • Leverage resource management (with a focus on Machinery Resource Usage Monitoring)
  • Leverage Earned Value Analysis and its benefits using 4D 
  • Apply Financial Risk Management with EVA in SYNCHRO 4D  
  • Address Net Zero Goals using 4D
Work Space Simulation using Synchro 4D
Work Space Simulation using Synchro 4D-2
Work Space Simulation using Synchro 4D-3

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Webinar Presenters

Sandeep Chinnobaiah-1

Sandeep Chinnobaiah

Planning Manager, Penta Ocean Construction Co., Ltd, Singapore

Sandeep is working as Planning Manager at Penta Ocean Construction Co., Ltd, Singapore for infrastructure projects, he has been working in Project Controls Industry for about 13 years post completion of master’s degree from IIT Roorkee India, he also has an MBA. He is an expert in 4D Project Controls and he manages a team of Planning & BIM modeller Professionals in his busy work. He is also expert in Delay Analysis and advises strategies in developing the claim reports and coordinates with stakeholders.

He is also Digital Course Instructor in Project Controls at Udemy Platform with over 60k students accessing his courses, which alleviates his digital presence and now actively developing YouTube to reach out wider audiences and learners. He has worked in India, Malaysia, and Singapore

Frankie Jadur-1

Frankie Jadur

SYNCHRO Sales Engineer at Virtuosity

Frankie holds a Master's degree in Engineering Technology with a Bachelor's degree in Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering (Building Services)

He has worked in the digital construction sector for several years, taking part in railway and industrial plant infrastructure projects before he joined Bentley in 2022. Experience gained in both SMB and global engineering and consultancy firms gave him exposure to the different requirements in the industry as well as the challenges faced.

Currently as a Sales Engineer at Virtuosity, he help professionals in the built environment and construction sector embrace SYNCHRO 4D in their projects to get time on their side. Consulting and sharing the value that virtual design and construction can bring to a project.

Anik Mal

Anik Mal

Product Success Manager, Virtuosity

Anik has a more than half a decade experience in guiding organization around world in adopting 4D BIM workflows focused on SYNCHRO 4D through training, workflow set-ups etc. His recent engagement with a project through Virtuosity Expert Service has won the prestigious Year In Infrastructure Award(YII 2023) in Construction category.

Along with this, he creates On-Demand courses on various useful topics related to SYNCHRO 4D. 

Tathagata Saha-1

Tathagata Saha
Product Success Manager, Virtuosity

Tathagata is a Civil Engineering graduate with a Masters in Global BIM Managementfrom ZiguratInstitute of Technology. He specializes in Bentley solutions like SYNCHRO 4D, OpenBuildings Designer, and GenerativeComponents.

As a Product Success Manager at Virtuosity, Tathagata actively helps global users in adopting and embracing 4D BIM workflows using SYNCHRO 4D solutions. He has engaged with almost 50 users across the geographies for Training and Expert Services. He is also involved in creating On-Demand learning materials, content, and blogs on various Bentley and Virtuosity platforms.

Maisara Alrais

Maisara Alrais

Digital Manager, Lendlease, Sydney

Maisara has an extensive hands-on experience working in digital engineering and construction management in Australia and Overseas for multi-discipline projects from pre-investment to hand-over and O&M stages. Being on a client-side or a contractor side, Maisara successfully developed and simulated realistic and achievable projects, considering the risk factors with mitigation actions, bridging the gap between digital capabilities and projects' financial and deliverables expectations, and utilising the benefits of using digital capabilities to maximise efficiency.

Maisara successfully delivered several 4D,5D/ and 7D BIM projects with clients and contractors, supporting the digital transformation in many organisations and projects, with practical knowledge of the related standards – ISO 19650, ISO 19115 and ISO 16739. Also, Maisara has a long experience using data analytics to support data-driven decisions in project management and connecting the asset data with the designed Models.