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4D BIM represents an advanced evolution of traditional methods - completely redefining construction planning for greater accuracy and reduced risk. Through 4D BIM, by connecting project plans with 3D models, teams are able to drive better visual communication and precise scheduling.

4D progress tracking is vital in project planning, as it captures crucial data points, aiding decisions and conflict resolution. This dynamic 4D model empowers teams to visualize an asset's assembly over time, addressing issues before construction begins. By leveraging 4D BIM insights, teams enhance proactive problem-solving and amplify project efficiency.

This session will also cover how SYNCHRO 4D can help in estimating tracked costs and materials both in pre-construction and construction of a project.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The journey that is required for successful implementation of 4D BIM in the construction industry
  • How to create and manage a dynamic 4D BIM and 5D BIM model
  • How to select the right software tools, integrating scheduling information, and cost information in a 3D model to run simulations
  • A case study from ITC from their ongoing project in Bangalore "Excavation & Shoring" for 4D & 5D

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Webinar Presenters

Madhu 250x250

Madhu Aravind

Project Manager
ITC Limited

Madhu is a Project Manager in the construction division of ITC Limited - one of the largest FMCG company in India. He holds a Civil Engineering degree with 17 years of experience in project management with a proven track record of delivering complex projects across all asset classes.

Madhu is currently overseeing the design and execution of commercial buildings in a brown field of 33 acres with a development potential of 3.5 million square feet owned by ITC Limited since 1910 at Bangalore city in India

Madhu is passionate about digitalisation and is spear heading the digitalisation of project management and construction processes, with an endeavour of bringing about transparency, accountability and speed in project delivery, thereby ensuring value for the customer through on-time delivery.

Dinesh 250x250

Dinesh Talapaneni

Associate Digital Design Manager

Dinesh Talapaneni is an individual driven by a deep passion for digital transformation within the construction industry. With a distinguished academic background, he has earned a Masters degree in Construction Project Management from the prestigious RICS School of Built Environment.

His journey has led him to specialize in various groundbreaking solutions, each designed to transform the way construction projects are conceived and executed. Dinesh is deeply involved in the implementation of Building Information Modeling (BIM) by crafting a robust digital framework in alignment with ISO 19650 standards, ensuring that information flows effortlessly across project teams and stakeholders, fostering efficiency and transparency.

Proficient in 4D BIM and 5D concepts, Dinesh enhances project planning by integrating the dimensions of time and cost into the models. Utilizing tools like Synchro and CostX, he provides a comprehensive understanding of project evolution. Moreover, his expertise extends to Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), technologies he adeptly employs to elevate project visualization and stakeholder engagement.

prateek 250

Prateek Singh

Product Sales Engineer
Bentley Systems

Prateek holds a Civil Engineering degree with 5 years of experience in SAAS selling to project management & AEC teams.

As a Product Sales Engineer at Bentley’s Virtuosity, Prateek helps professionals across India to simplify their BIM & Digital construction approach thus improving the existing construction project management workflow of teams by leveraging Bentley applications.

Tathagata 250x250

Tathagata Saha

Product Success Manager
Bentley Systems

Tathagata is a Civil Engineering graduate with a Masters in Global BIM Management from Zigurat Institute of Technology. He specializes in Bentley solutions like SYNCHRO 4D, OpenBuildings Designer, and Generative Components.

As a Product Success Manager at Virtuosity, Tathagata actively helps global users in adopting and embracing 4D BIM workflows using SYNCHRO 4D solutions. He has engaged with almost 50 users across the geographies for Training and Expert Services. He is also involved in creating On-Demand learning materials, content, and blogs on various Bentley and Virtuosity platforms.

Anik 250x250

Anik Mal

Product Success Manager
Bentley Systems

Anik specializes in multiple Bentley solutions like SYNCHRO 4D, Open Buildings Designer, and Generative Components.

As a Product Success Manager at Virtuosity, Anik helps global users progress steadily with their projects by providing hands-on training, suggesting appropriate workflows, and best practices. In addition, he actively engages in creating knowledge resources, tutorials, and creative works with computational design workflows.