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In this exciting Meet The SYNCHROnians webinar, Rana Hosney from Hassan Allam Construction will break down the benefits of working with SYNCHRO 4D on their construction management projects. 

The webinar includes an introduction on SYNCHRO 4D tools and capabilities, led by Omar Hesham from Geomatex and Ruben Minjauw from Bentley's Virtuosity.

From there, Rana will showcase her team's SYNCHRO usage - from desktop tools to cloud and mobile SYNCHRO environments, different workflow contexts and project stages, such as tender and preconstruction phases, and quantities analysis and scenario comparison, all using the full SYNCHRO 4D worksuite.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • SYNCHRO 4D capabilities and modules
  • How to better plan and manage people and materials to deliver projects on time and on budget
  • How to present all the project stages, zones, and plans as per timeline in one animation, getting the full vision and assist in taking early decisions

Discover how a tool like SYNCHRO can enable advanced planning reports, better visual communications with site teams and stakeholders, and a more connected project ecosystem. 

*this webinar is in Arabic

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Webinar Presenters

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Ruben Minjauw

Product Sales Engineer
Bentley Systems

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Rana Hosney

Planning Section Head

Hassan Allam Construction

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Omar Hesham

Sales Engineer
GEOMATEX Integrated Solutions

Ruben is a Virtual Design Construction enthusiast, working with engineering companies all over EMEA, helping them to realize the benefit of integrating construction planning solutions into their workflow. He is absorbed in digitalization and its progress in transforming our lives as individuals and as a society.

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Rana Mamdouh Hosny is an accomplished 4D Planning Manager with extensive experience in the construction industry. Rana’s master's degree in Building Information Modeling (BIM) with a focus on 4D and 5D Construction Management has enabled her to develop advanced project control techniques. With her strong interest in new technologies, Rana has found that BIM is the ideal approach to achieving successful project outcomes.

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Omar is an accredited engineer in SYNCHRO from Bentley Systems, he is passionate about engineering technology which has a significant weight in creating Digital Twins that contributes to achieving the engineering excellence.  He helps in accelerating the digital transformation of the construction projects by which the planning process is improved, implementation is controlled, and projects are delivered on time and on budget accordingly. 

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