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In the current geotechnical practice, one will likely work with a large number of subsurface data, some in paper form which is susceptible to misplaced data over time. gINT offers to increase productivity with a centralized data management that includes reporting for your geotechnical subsurface data.

​In this webinar, we will showcase: 

  • The fundamentals of gINT and its features which enables you to manage your subsurface soil data, bore logs and lab tests data.
  • How to manage your data according to your desired project standards such as AGS followed by SI bore logs & lab test reports.
  • The interoperability between your gINT data and other application such as PLAXIS, OpenRoads, OpenBridge etc.

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Webinar Presenters


KC Teow

Product Sales Engineer (Civil)
Virtuosity, a Bentley Company

KC has been involved in the infrastructure industry since 2006 spanning across the Middle East and Southeast Asia in various capacities. His experience in the Middle East includes stints with Gamuda, a large international infrastructure contractor, followed by Fugro, a world-renowned geotechnical service provider. He then served the Land Transport Authority of Singapore, managing their road infrastructure projects and then moved on to practice civil & traffic design with Beca Carter, Ferner & Hollings Pte Ltd. He is now with Bentley Systems advocating the use of software technology for road and rail infrastructure design in a BIM process.




Ranit Deb

User Success Manager, Geotechnical
Virtuosity, a Bentley Company

Ranit Deb is an User Success Manager in promoting the application of geotechnical solution(s) at different stages throughout the life cycle of Geotechnical projects. Through the 4years of service in PLAXIS, he has been involved in technical support and expert services that has helped the clients in learning the application, validating and thus obtaining cost-effective designs while fulfilling the serviceability requirements by the organizations. He is also a trainer, mentor for Geotechnical Information Management application gINT & Openground, helping users increase productivity with centralized data management, Streamline processes and reporting for geotechnical subsurface projects.