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Completing a construction project on time and within planned budget has always been challenging. Deviation from plan is inevitable. But can you minimize it?  Learn how you can become more resilient against such challenges.

Join us as we demonstrate how a digital construction approach with SYNCHRO 4D can help you become more efficient in construction management.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • About the concept of 4D Digital Construction Management
  • Why 4D Planning is essential for construction management
  • Components and Key Features of SYNCHRO 4D
  • About the Virtuosity licensing model


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Webinar Presenters

Prateek Singh

Prateek Singh    

Product Sales Engineer
Virtuosity, A Bentley Company

Prateek is a Sales Professional with an evinced history of working in the BIM/VDC industry close to 3 years.

As a Product Sales Engineer at Bentley’s Virtuosity, he helps professionals across India to simplify their BIM & Digital construction approach and improve their Project management workflows by providing best practices.

Anik Mal

Anik Mal

User Success Manager 
Virtuosity, A Bentley Company

Anik specializes in Bentley solutions like SYNCHRO 4D, OpenBuildings Designer, and Generative Components.

Presently as User Success Manager at Virtuosity, Anik helps global BIM users to progress steadily with their BIM enabled projects by providing hands-on trainings, suggesting appropriate workflows and best practices.