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A piping system often includes supports with gaps, friction and/or those which are buried in soil. The nonlinear behavior of such supports require a nonlinear (iterative) analysis to accurately determine the loads on the supports and/or the friction forces. Nonlinearity means that each loading condition can affect the system differently. Consequently, linear algebraic combination of the load results isn't the correct approach. 

AutoPIPE addresses that problem through the load sequencing approach. Load sequencing presents a real-life scenario for progressions. When load sequencing is performed by an advanced nonlinear analysis program it yields significant benefits. Before addressing those benefits, some background is necessary. 

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • The background behind nonlinear load sequencing
  • Control parameters for a successful simulation
  • Real case studies


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Webinar Presenters


Shoyeb Ali

Product Sales Leader

Structural, Offshore, Pipe Stress Analysis
Virtuosity, a Bentley Company

Shoyeb Ali is a product sales consultant at Virtuosity. He is also a licensed structural engineer for multi-story buildings in Dubai Municipality. He is focused on helping the engineering community seamlessly accomplish their projects via Bentley’s simulation software. Prior to joining Bentley, he worked for some of the Biggest projects as a Structural Engineer in the United Arab Emirates. His expertise is in reinforced concrete design, post-tensioned concrete, structural steel, façade structural design and temporary engineering.


Luis Gonzalez

Product Sales Engineer

Structural, Offshore, Pipe Stress Analysis
Virtuosity, a Bentley Company

Luis is a Product Sales Engineer at Bentley. He holds a MSc in Drilling Engineering and a BSc in Mechanical Engineering.

Before joining Bentley, he worked in the Oil & Gas Industry in Wells Engineering for more than 10 years. In his current role, his main goal is to help infrastructure engineers deliver their projects through the use of Bentley’s products.



Badreddine Ziane

Senior Manager, Application Engineering
Bentley System, Inc.

Badreddine Ziane is a Structural Engineer and has been with Bentley for over 10 years. He now manages a team of presales and technical support engineers for EMEA within the Analytical Modeling Group. He regularly delivers training, support, and consultancy for piping and structural related subjects. Prior to joining Bentley, Badreddine was a director at Research Engineers France and in charge of sales of engineering software.




Manoj Kale

Senior Application Engineer, Piping
Virtuosity, a Bentley Company

Manoj Kale, Mechanical Engineer, having 7+ years of total experience in Piping design and detailing, Piping Stress Analysis. He has extensively worked in Oil & Gas, Processing and Power Generation Industries. He has joined Bentley in 2018 as Application Engineer, Piping. As a SME for AutoPIPE he develops and conducts Training, Technical Presentation and Demonstration to users engaged in the design and analysis of Piping Systems using Bentley AutoPIPE. Before joining Bentley, he was working as Piping Stress Engineer at an engineering consultancy firm in India. Manoj is motivated by getting users to a level of confidence where they can use Bentley technologies to full extend to adopt best engineering practices and to improve current workflows.