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As the plant industry and technology keeps evolving, we are here to support you to keep up with the changing environment and to win more business and drive better project outcomes. 

OpenPlant™ Modeler is an accurate, rapid, design engineering solution for 3D plant design. It enhances project teams with mobile information, via ISO 15926, iModels, and support for multiple formats and data types, such as DGN, DWG, JT, point clouds, and PDF to provide flexible design and review processes. 

If you are an existing AutoPLANT user looking to upgrade to OpenPlant, this webinar will help you with the following:

  • Overview of Bentley Systems’ Solutions for Plant Design and Engineering
  • Future development of AutoPLANT and challenges
  • Introduction to OpenPlant and its benefits
  • OpenPlant Design Workflow 
  • Migrating existing AutoPLANT assets to OpenPlant 

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Webinar Presenters

Meenakshi Sharma

Meenakshi Sharma
Buildings and Plant Solutions Consultant, Virtuosity

With her experience in the AEC industry for over 15 years, Meenakshi support Architects and Engineers across APAC region to improve efficiencies in their design workflows by integrating Building Information Modeling (BIM) to their workflow. She is passionate about how technology can be tapped into to deliver projects within time and budget, mitigate project risk and foster collaboration among stakeholders.

Blackandwhite Alvin

Alvin Losala
Consultant Plant, Virtuosity

Alvin began his career as a Design Engineer at an engineering firm in Cebu, Philippines. In 2011, he moved to Singapore and has worked in Engineering and construction firms as Piping Engineer/Designer for Offshore/Onshore and Marine projects. Joining Bentley in 2019 as Plant Design Consultant, he has been providing consulting and on-site coaching and configuration services. Alvin is motivated by getting users to a level of confidence where they can be self-sustaining of their Bentley Plant Design Applications.