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Geometry control for balanced cantilever segmental box girder bridge is crucial to ensure two approaching cantilever ends meets and matches on the interfacing geometries. ​This is done by applying pre-camber on the respective segments to compensate for the structure’s deflection due to load and pre-stressing. OpenBridge Designer not only has this capability built-in, but also integrates this process in its Bridge Information Modelling workflow. Register now to see it in action.

In this webinar, we will showcase:

  • Creating the segmental box girder bridge model in OpenBridge Modeler
  • Calculating the Cambers with RM Bridge, the analytical software component of OpenBridge Designer
  • RM Bridge cast for the precast segment construction (Short Line Match Casting)

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Webinar Presenters


KC Teow ​

Product Sales Engineer, Virtuosity

KC has been involved in the infrastructure industry since 2006 spanning across the Middle East and Southeast Asia in various capacities. His experience in the Middle East includes stints with Gamuda, a large international infrastructure contractor, followed by Fugro, a world-renowned geotechnical service provider.

He then served the Land Transport Authority of Singapore, managing their road infrastructure projects and then moved on to practice civil & traffic design with Beca Carter, Ferner & Hollings Pte Ltd. He is now with Bentley Systems advocating the use of software technology for road and rail infrastructure design in a BIM process.


Yujin Lee (Color)

Yujin Lee

Senior Application Engineer, Bridge & Tunnel


Mr. Lee joined Bentley Systems in 2012 as a Senior Application Engineer with the Bentley Bridge Information Modeling group. With more than 14 years’ experience in roadway, rail and bridge projects, he is highly experienced in industry best practices and civil software implementation. Mr. Lee provides consulting and training services to companies in the Asia-Pacific region.