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The Direct Analysis Method (DAM) is a cutting-edge approach for designing steel structures, as per the AISC 360 code. Unlike traditional methods, DAM simplifies stability analysis by eliminating the need to calculate effective length factors. DAM also addresses crucial second-order effects like P-Δ and Pδ- effects, along with residual stress considerations. Join our upcoming webinar for a comprehensive look at DAM and its integration into STAAD software, revolutionizing steel structure design.

This webinar will include the following topics: 

  • Master AISC-specified DAM principles and practical applications
  • Improve accuracy in steel structure stability analysis and design with DAM
  • Explore how DAM simplifies complex calculations
  • Witness real-world benefits of DAM through project case studies
  • Acquire practical knowledge for integrating DAM effectively into the STAAD environment
In this webinar, both experienced and new structural engineers can learn a modern method for designing steel structures, emphasizing efficiency and precision over the traditional ELM approach.

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Webinar Presenters

Swarup Mondal

Swarup Mondal

Senior Manager, Business Development (Structural Solution)
Virtuosity, a Bentley Company

Swarup is a civil engineer with more than 20 years of experience in the AEC industry providing technology solutions for advancing infrastructure in Southeast Asia. He advises enterprises for adoption of the latest analysis, design, construction, and project management solution for building and infrastructure projects. In his current role as Sr. Manager, Business Development at Bentley’s Virtuosity, he works closely with infrastructure professionals to achieve significant digital advancements by improving structural workflows and enhancing the functional performance and delivery processes utilizing Bentley’s integrated structural engineering solutions.


Biswatosh Purkayastha

Senior Product Success Manager 
Virtuosity, a Bentley Company

Biswatosh is a Senior Structural Engineer and Registered Chartered Engineer, IEI having 19 years of industry experience in various Civil Engineering projects and related fields. Before joining Bentley Systems, he gathered rich experience in structural engineering where he was engaged with live industrial projects in power plants, textile plants, and flexible laminate plants. In 2007 he joined Bentley, where he further grew his proficiency on various FEA products like STAAD.Pro, STAAD Foundation Advanced, RAM Structural System, and RAM Concept. He has been delivering advanced on-site training, technical support, seminars, and webinars on various structural solutions for the complex challenges in high rise buildings, industrial, and steel building structures based on the international design codes like ACI, AISC, API, and so on.