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With a long time reputation for low maintenance and relatively stable costs compared to other materials, Fiberglass offers interesting advantages.

Driven by the ever-increasing need for energy and water resources, waste water, air pollution control equipment, Fiberglass is gaining global adoption around the world.

The latest edition of ISO 14692 (2017)  is now implemented in AutoPIPE Advanced. This webinar will give you the keys to successfully achieve your stress analysis.

What you will see in this webinar:

  • Which main code requirements are implemented
  • How to easily control design parameters & load combinations
  • AutoPIPE in action on a real project


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Webinar Presenters


Caglar Cubukcu

Product Sales Engineer, EMEA

Structural, Offshore, Pipe Stress Analysis
Bentley Systems

Caglar is a product sales engineer. He holds a Bsc. in Civil Engineering. Before joining Bentley, he has worked in construction industry as an engineer/manager for 4 years and since 2019 he has been in software industry as a Sales Engineer responsible for various engineering solutions. He has been with Bentley for 1 year helping engineering professionals and providing them most suitable Bentley solution.


Badreddine Ziane

Senior Manager, Application Engineering
Bentley Systems

Badreddine Ziane is a Structural Engineer and has been with Bentley for over 10 years. He now manages a team of presales and technical support engineers for EMEA within the Analytical Modeling Group. He regularly delivers training, support, and consultancy for piping and structural related subjects. Prior to joining Bentley, Badreddine was a director at Research Engineers France and in charge of sales of engineering software.