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As structures are getting more complex, the average structural organization, uses 3+ different structural software packages along with spreadsheets and other in-house solutions. In this webinar , “BIM For Structural Engineers - Using Structural WorkSuite,” we will discuss how our integrated workflows and  interoperability with industry standard tools help our users have data and model synchronization across analysis and BIM applications allowing for seamless project collaboration.

​In this webinar, we will showcase: 

  • Importing models using ISM
  • Load application on the imported model
  • Analysis of the imported model
  • Steel design
  • Connection design using RAM Connection
  • Concrete member design using the Advanced Concrete Designer (RCDC)

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Webinar Presenters


Amal Krishna

Product Sales Engineer
Virtuosity, a Bentley Company

Amal is an experienced professional with a demonstrated history of working in the CAE/CAD industry. He has over 15 years of experience, and currently, working in Bentley Systems India, as Product Sales Consultant. As Product Sales Consultant at Bentley’s Virtuosity, he helps professionals across India to solve their complex Geotechnical and Structural engineering problems and improve their analysis and design workflows by providing best practices.




Aritra Lodh

User Success Manager
Virtuosity, a Bentley Company


Swarup Mondal

Sr. Manager Business Development (Structural Solution)
Virtuosity, a Bentley Company

Aritra is a Structural Engineer, currently working as  User Success  Manager with Virtuosity . She Enjoys communicating with  user & working hand in hand with them to provide optimal solution for their project needs.


Swarup is a civil engineer with more than 20 years of experience in AEC industry providing technology solutions for advancing infrastructure in S.E.A. He advises enterprises for  adoption of the latest analysis, design, construction & project management solution for building and infrastructure projects. In his current role as Sr. Manager, Business Development at Bentley’s Virtuosity, he works closely with infrastructure professionals to achieve significant digital advancements by improving structural workflows and enhancing the functional performance and delivery processes utilizing Bentley’s integrated Structural solution.