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Let's design together! Join our live webinar where we will walk you through the steps of all the automation tools that will make your life easier with OpenRoads Designer​

When it comes to road design, there are many task that are repeated continuously such a T-Intersections, Roundabouts, Balancing Ponds. During the lifecycle of the project we always have a last-minute change that leads us to redo or edit those design features, that are usually very time consuming, endangering the delivery of the project.​

All of these elements can be easily designed by the use of Civil Cells, one of the automation tools of OpenRoads Designer that allow road designers to speed up the design of laborious and repetitive elements working faster, reducing timeframes and ensuring the standards’ compliance by keeping the design intent.

The webinar will cover these topics: 

  • Design automation to speed up repetitive design task ( Corridor modeling, civil cells)​
  • Automation tools and Design Intent.​
  • Civil Cells​​
    • T Intersections​
    • Roundabout​​
    • Balancing Pond
  • Visualization. Bring your project to life with LumenRT​

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Webinar Presenters

Simon Pegg (2)

Simon Pegg

Senior Consultant and User Success Advocate, Bentley Systems

Simon Pegg is a Senior Consultant and User Success Advocate. He has had a 25 year career at Bentley working in various groups, from Technical Support, Product Management, Training, Consultancy and Content Creation. He has detailed knowledge of Bentleys CONNECT Edition Civil Products, OpenRoads Design, OpenSite Designer and SubSurface Utilities, and how they fit in to BIM Modelling techniques and Digital Twins.  Prior to joining Bentley, he worked as a design engineer in Consultancies and Local Authorities, after Graduating with a Degree in Civil Engineering

Sergio Cediel

Sergio Cediel

Product Sales Engineer 
Virtuosity, a Bentley Company

Sergio is a Civil Engineer with a Masters in Hydrology and Water Resources Management and 7 years of experience in infrastructure projects.​
His involvement as a design engineer and project manager assistant in some of the most important international road and railway projects has given him the capacity to understand the design workflows within an infrastructure project throughout the different stages of design.​
As a product sales engineer at Bentley’s Virtuosity Sergio helps companies and professionals of infrastructure design across EMEA to improve the quality of their projects through the digitalization of their workflows. ​