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Get to Yes Faster!  Accelerating final design approval with visualization on road and bridge projects. 

With many DOT's now requiring 3D models for projects, it is essential that you produce accurate models not only for design purposes, but to better illustrate design intent to owners, stakeholders, and the general public.

Join our webinar to learn why Aguirre and Fields have adopted Bentley Solutions for their transportation projects. Today, 80% of their 3D modeling is done in OpenRoads and OpenBridge including all aspects of the roadway such as, ditches, berms, traffic barriers, and retaining walls in an effort to showcase every element that the traveling public would encounter in their commute along the designed roadway. The other 20% of their 3D modeling is done in MicroStation Connect Edition. This would include stationary vehicles in parking lots, fencing, striping, and landscaping.

When modeling for visualization, all design elements need to be accurate, from roadway surfaces and bridge ascetics to striping and signage. Join Eric Schluter and Cesar Razo-Garcia from Aguirre and Fields as they discuss how they developed an accurate 3D model of the bridge and surrounding roadway in order to visualize how the bridge would fit with the roadway geometry. Using OpenBridge Modeler, Aguirre and Fields could accurately show all components of this bridge, including the bridge deck, girders, abutments, bents, and railing.

​In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Importing Horizontal and Vertical Geometry with OpenRoads Designer
  • Design Stage Corridor Placement with OpenRoads Designer
  • OpenBridge Modeler’s Modeling Capabilities and Limitations
  • OpenBridge Modeler’s Integration with OpenRoads Designer
  • OpenRoads Designer for Modeling Bridge Components
  • 3D Striping Placement
  • Exporting all 3D modeling into LumenRT for Animation

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Webinar Presenters

Jossua Mejia

Jossua Mejia,

Product Sales Engineer​
Virtuosity, A Bentley Company​

Jossua Mejia is a civil engineer with a master’s degree in civil engineering-construction. After 5 years of experience working in bridge and roadway projects, Jossua joined our Virtuosity’s team in Latin America as a Product Sales Engineer for Civil Design solutions. Jossua’s goal is to assist companies and professionals of infrastructure to accelerate their workflow by adopting the latest technology with innovative software to solve your critical business issues and to deliver quality.

Cesar Razo-Garcia

Cesar Razo-Garcia

Graduate Engineer
Aguirre & Fields Engineering Innovators

Cesar Razo-Garcia has been practicing civil and structural engineering in the transportation field since 2014. He began his career at Aguirre & Fields as an intern before becoming a full-time employee. His experience ranges from working on bridge projects, such as designing bridge geometry, bridge superstructures, bridge substructures, and calculating bridge quantities, to working on roadway projects, including designing components of signing and pavement marking plans, traffic control plans, stormwater pollution prevention plans, and calculating roadway quantities. He has experience designing and analyzing these components, ranging from local county roads to major interstate highways. He is qualified in the use of computer software applications for structural and transportation projects including proficiency in the TxDOT Bridge Geometry System, Bentley MicroStation, Bentley GEOPAK, Bentley OpenBridge Modeler, Bentley LEAP Bridge Concrete, Bentley OpenRoads, PGSuper, PTC Mathcad Prime, and the Microsoft Office products suite and familiarity in Autodesk AutoCAD, LEAP Bridge products, RISA-3D, and SAP2000.

Eric Schluter

Eric Schluter

Research and Development Lead
Aguirre & Fields Engineering Innovators

Eric serves as the Research and Development Lead for Aguirre & Fields. In this role, Eric develops new CADD related procedures, standardization, and deployment of OpenRoads, OpenBridge, and SUDA software. He has created comprehensive 3D models of projects such as the construction of the new IH 30/ SH 360 interchange in Arlington. This model includes retaining walls, bridges, barriers, ramps, roadway, grading, and drainage structures. On the FM 1830 widening project, Eric created a 3D PDF with animated traffic to visualize the project for design verification. Eric also created 3D live cubes and Virtual Reality models of the George Bush at Wellborn project, providing animated traffic which includes reality meshes for design communication. He also leads the animation/visualization team to produce 3D flythroughs and high-resolution still shots for public meetings. Eric’s experience with Bentley products started in 1997 and animation in 2001.