Reduce Design Time by 20% with Existing Staff

3 Ways OpenSite Solves Obstacles for Leaders

As a small business owner, your bottom line is always on your mind. Can I do more with less? How do I complete projects on schedule? How will I sustain and grow my business without increasing overhead costs?  The answer is simple...Get OpenSite!  

While traditional CAD can get the job done, your team is losing a lot of time on manual, repeatable, error-prone work. OpenSite is affordable, built for site design, and its automation and optimization tools allow your team to focus more on design and less on drafting.  In the first 30 days of using OpenSite your team can:

  1. Decrease design time by 20% with existing staff
  2. Deliver detailed risk assessment to developers in 48 hours
  3. Present realistic visualizations - no extra fees, software, or staff required

Watch and see the 3 ways OpenSite solves obstacles for leaders of civil engineering firms.

OpenSite Solving Challenges for Leaders