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​This webinar will share insights into how 4D planning enhances the way we visualize our construction projects and drives value throughout the entire project. By leveraging existing 2D plans (from traditional scheduling tools like P6) with our 3D BIM model, we can create a 4D BIM model rich in information for the entire project lifecycle. Come discover first-hand how being able to see what you are planning can bring enormous value to any project.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Misconceptions of Visual Planning​
  • Benefits of Visual Planning​
  • Integration of 2D Planning tools (P6) with SYNCHRO 4D​
  • Efficient Approaches to 4D Planning​
  • Procurement Tracking​
  • 4D Claim Analysis

Time is key in the success of any construction project. Without time on your side, you will never have seamless cost performance, safety, and productivity on your side.

Join us for this webinar, and we will share how you can get time on your side.​

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Webinar Presenters

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Frankie Jadur

SYNCHRO Sales Engineer
Bentley Systems

Mohamad Khairun Ishak

Mohamad Khairun Ishak

Project Planning
PCSS Consultancy

Professional Services Direct at PCSS Consultancy

Hatem Ramses Kamel

Hatem Ramses Kamel

4D Planner
PCSS Consultancy

Professional Services Direct at PCSS Consultancy

Frankie holds a Master's degree in Engineering Technology with a Bachelor's degree in Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering (Building Services).

He has worked in the digital construction sector for several years, taking part in railway and industrial plant infrastructure projects before he joined Bentley in 2022. Experience gained in both small and global engineering and consultancy firms gave him exposure to the different requirements in the industry as well as the challenges faced.

Currently as a Sales Engineer at Virtuosity, he help professionals in the built environment and construction sector embrace SYNCHRO 4D in their projects to get time on their side. Consulting and sharing the value that virtual design and construction can bring to a project. Be it planning for site construction sequences, visually planning for safety and risk, or producing high-quality animations of the overall project sequence.


Mohamad Khairun Ishak has 10 years of experience in project planning. Involved in projects like, HV & LV construction for Rural Electrical Scheme Northern & Central Sarawak, installation of 33kV Underground and 1MVA Transformer, and 33kV Sub Station Construction Bintulu Onshore Receiving Facilities, BORF.

Mohamad is also a certified primavera project management specialist and a qualified Bentley trainer for SYNCHRO.

Hatem Ramses Kamel has a master of construction management degree from the university of Swinburne.

He currently works at PCSS Consultancy as a 4D planner. Hatem also has work experience as a BIM modeler/ BIM coordinator and MEP supervisor.