For SYNCHRO freeware

  • SYNCHRO plug-in for Revit
  • SYNCHRO plug-in for Navisworks
  • SYNCHRO plug-in for MicroStation
  • SYNCHRO OpenViewer
  • SYNCHRO Scheduler

Please go to to download the freeware.

Please note that the freeware download is only available to Bentley SELECT users and Virtuosity SYNCHRO end-users. If you are none of these, please ask your SP file provider or the SYCHRO 4D Pro user you export SPX files for, to share the required installer file with you. They can download it from 

Freeware version should match the version of SYNCHRO 4D Pro which was used to create SP model, or which will be used to import SPX files exported with the plugin. F.ex. if the SP file was created with 6.4, you need OpenViewer 6.4 to open it. OpenViewer can open SP models coming from lower versions, including legacy SYNCHRO Pro. SYNCHRO 4D Pro can import SPX files exported with lower versions of plugins. However, it is strongly recommended to use the same versions. You can check your SYNCHRO 4D Pro version by going to Help (top-right corner) > About.