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Offshore Wind Power

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Offshore Wind Power

OpenWindPower - Offshore Wind Industry's Reliable Solution

Bentley’s complete engineering solution portfolio for the offshore wind industry has been trusted by various world-leading engineering consultants, offshore EPC firms, certifying bodies, and project owners. OpenWindPower software, together with other Bentley solutions, have been the key to success for many offshore turbine wind projects in North America, Europe, and Asia. 

Offshore Wind's Advanced Engineering Solution

Offshore Wind's Advanced Engineering Solution

Bentley’s OpenWindPower is the comprehensive engineering tool for designing offshore wind turbine foundations, leveraging the company’s renowned solutions for fixed and floating offshore oil and gas structures over the last 40 years.

Offshore Wind Turbine Foundations

All About Offshore Wind Turbine Foundations

Many countries pledged to achieve net zero by the middle of the century. To achieve this goal, plans have been made to adjust the energy mix with a strong focus on clean energy. Renewable sources such as solar, wind, and hydrogen play an important role in reaching net zero.

Solar Power

Solar with STAAD1

Building Better Solar Structures with STAAD

There is a growing demand for energy to power our lives and industries, along with a competing demand to find low carbon solutions to help fight climate change. Both demands are driving a rapid growth in the renewable energy sector. 
photovoltaic structure

How to Model Your Solar Mounting Structures

Solar energy is growing source of renewable power. Engineers need to examine different options for their solar energy installations based on a variety of factors.

Solar Structures

Section Assignment for Solar Structures

For photo-voltaic structures, we think about the solar panel as the main component. However, a suitable structural frame is required to provide a stable platform on which the unit can operate. STAAD.Pro structural analysis software offers designers with a system to design their support structure. 

Solar Load Application

Load Application for Solar Structures

Solar structures are essentially placed one behind each other. Codes usually allow for the shielding effect to be considered in calculating wind loads for an optimized design. However, the user must apply their own engineering judgment as well. 

Teesta Canal Solar Energy Project

Teesta Canal Solar Energy Project with STAAD

As our world and energy needs change, our engineering mindset needs to adapt and innovate as well. One of the greatest challenges we face is coming up with effective renewable energy solutions. 

Structural Analysis 

Renewable Energy with Projects

Structural Engineering Opportunities in Renewable Energy Projects

Renewable energy is one of the most widely discussed topics today. We must invest in renewable energy in structural engineering. Seize this opportunity and make an impact with our structural analysis software. 

Case Studies 


Tidal Energy Device with Bentley Structural Analysis Software

The HydroWing tidal device offers an innovative solution for tidal energy. The full system approach integrates installation, operations, and maintenance to reduce operating costs. HydroWing was designed using STAAD structural analysis software from Bentley. Watch to learn about this innovative tidal energy device concept here.