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Digital Design Delivery and Collaboration for the Water Utilities Industry

Bentley has extended the digital capabilities of ProjectWise, now powered by iTwin, from engineering work-in-progress to full digital delivery for more efficient, collaborative, and sustainable rail infrastructure design and operations.

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Climate change and population growth are placing ever-growing demands on the supply and security of our water. Water utilities are having to increase the resilience of their network and operations in response, all while controlling costs and meet sustainability targets. 


To operate effectively and deliver more sustainable projects, utility companies, government agencies, and engineering firms involved in water and wastewater supply and management require secure interdisciplinary collaboration applications to manage their complex projects.


Removing silos of data and ensuring visibility and access to the right data through a single, connected platform enables teams to leverage their data across multiple projects and assets. This process helps improve the quality of designs and project deliverables, improve productivity across teams, and increase operational efficiencies.

Check out how our water utilities have realized the following benefits:


Improvement in Efficiency 

3 x

ROI in 3 months


Saved in Design Costs


Relieve flooding on the Yandgtze River


To help reduce the frequent flooding on the Yangtze River and then across Shanghai, the city implemented the USD 300 million South Extension Renovation Project of the Zhangjing River. The project consisted of a pump station, bridges, revetments, roads, and pipelines. By choosing ProjectWise to connect their many engineering teams within a standardized environment, the Shanghai Water Engineering Design and Research Institute simultaneously carried out the multidiscipline design and improved overall collaborative efficiency by 25%, saving three months and USD 60,000.

Smart Object Library

Mott MacDonald / Environment Agency

Mott MacDonald was asked by the Environment Agency in the United Kingdom to create an interoperable, data-connected smart object library to facilitate digital reuse of standardized 3D assets, accessible to their suppliers and their systems. The library has achieved a return of three times the investment within the first three months by improving productivity and enabling the EA to optioneer designs for efficiency, sustainability, and, ultimately, carbon neutrality. 


F. Wayne Hill Water Resources Treatment Facility

Jacobs Engineering

Jacobs Engineering was tasked with upgrading the F. Wayne Hill Water Resources treatment facility, Georgia, United States to increase the existing capacity. They shared a cloud-based reality mesh of the existing conditions, together with the as-built models within ProjectWise, to perform design reviews. Viewing the models in the iTwin Platform also allowed the team to quickly resolve clashes of small pipes and proceed with confidence. As a result, they quickly resolved over 20 design issues that would have taken 300 hours and numerous site visits, saving 10% in design costs.

How can ProjectWise help you?

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When you have confidence in your data, you can leverage it across your portfolio to share knowledge and drive best practise, as well as glean timely insights which enable you to make decisions better and faster which drives efficiencies and savings.


Bring real world context to your projects combining engineering and reality data in your models, for instance sharing simulation of pump water flow, designs can be quickly optimized and validated. Reviewers and stakeholders can perform virtual interactive fly-throughs within ProjectWise, powered by iTwin, querying model information, and analyzing embedded property data, simply by using a web browser.

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Quality assured components from the Component Centre can be selected based on whole life costs, as well as their data being incorporated into carbon dashboards to track net zero goals, dramatically increasing the efficiency, safety and quality of current and future projects.

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Built for any size of infrastructure design organisation in order to advance your design portfolio and digital project delivery with our standardized solution, Bentley's success services and latest capabilities:

  • engineering work in progress
  • digital design delivery
  • enhanced data governance
  • portfolio intelligence

It's time to evolve to a data-centric approach, to start taking advantage of digital twins and Bentley’s infrastructure schema in order to improve project performance and productivity.

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