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Your comprehensive solution for advanced geotechnical challenges

Geotechnical engineering is too essential for any project to take risks. It's critical to lean on geotechnical engineering software you can trust in order to efficiently model, analyze,  visualize, map and report on your geoengineering projects with confidence. Your job should not be guess work when there is so much on the line.

That’s where PLAXIS comes in. One geotechnical engineering suite to help you on your embankment, excavation, foundation, and tunneling projects. Despite the advanced capabilities of PLAXIS, it is easy-to use, and a proven time-saver. Streamline your workflow with PLAXIS, a geotechnical FEM software application, trusted by thousands of geotechnical engineers around the world.

  • Model soil-structure interaction and construction stages
  • Use a variety of constitutive models to simulate soil and rock behavior
  • Deliver various customizable reports, data, visualizations, and a comprehensive set of deliverables
  • Automate the workflow of an iterative design process
  • Model fully-coupled Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical (THM) processes for groundwater flow, thermal effects, and also dynamic loading
  • Trust software that has been validated extensively and recognized by the scientific community
  • Gain transparency into the calculations used to help derive your results and reference extensive documentation


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See how PLAXIS saves you time, money, and expands
your project portfolio

With PLAXIS' intuitive workflow, straight-forward model set-up, automeshing, and extensive import capabilities it's easy to accelerate your design cycle, boost productivity, increase revenue, and improve the decisions that need to be made at each stage of the Finite Element Design of geotechnical projects. 

Watch this collection of videos to learn more about how PLAXIS:

  • Saves you both time and money on your geotechnical projects.
  • Expands your project portfolio
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