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What is OpenRoads?

Whether you need concepts quickly, or to take a project to plan production OpenRoads delivers the tools you need in one software solution. The only software designed to take road design and engineering projects from start to finish.

OpenRoads ConceptStation empowers highway engineering professionals to create conceptual road and bridge designs in a matter of hours – not days. It’s easy to use, leveraging contextual data from multiple sources to create intelligent 3D models in real-world settings.

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OpenRoads Designer is the software of choice for infrastructure design. Design projects including roadways, interchanges, roundabouts, water and sewer facilities, land development, and more with ONE application. OpenRoads Designer delivers everything you need to reduce complexity and accelerate workflows.

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Software that works the way you work

Engineering Firm Owners

Win more projects and attract new clients. Reduce the billable hours your staff spends on non-billable work.  OpenRoads helps your staff do more. From rapid conceptual design, detailed road design to plan production all in ONE application.

  • Deliver project-winning conceptual designs in hours, no visualization expertise required.
  • Increase staff productivity with automated workflows and customizable templates to reduce design time, no coding required. 
  • Get to "yes" faster. Speed up your approvals process.
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Stop wasting time on engineering tools you'll never use.  Whether you are working on new construction projects, road reconstruction or road rehabilitation projects, OpenRoads Designer is the only civil engineering software you need.

  • Design projects such as roadways, interchanges, roundabouts, water and sewer facilities, land development, and more with ONE application.
  • Reduce design time with purpose-built design tools, reusable templates, and dynamic change management.
  • Optimize your design with integrated design, analysis and visualization, and construction documentation.
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Project managers

Create multiple design alternatives without working overtime or hiring new staff. OpenRoads Designer's automation, parametric, and optimization tools reduce manual drafting time so your team can focus on design.

  • Generate designs with detailed financial forecasting to provide full transparency on clients' projects.
  • Offer your clients more. With digital deliverables that add value throughout the lifecycle of the infrastructure.
  • Get to "yes" faster. Speed up your approvals process and swiftly implement client feedback to keep projects on schedule and budget.
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The software of choice for road design 


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"Using OpenRoads ConceptStation, we can identify high-cost items, issues, and
propose alternative technical concepts when appropriate for our clients."

– Mark Urban, Senior Vice President, Design-Build Projects, HNTB Corporation