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The development of zero-carbon-emission buildings is one of the key trends that will drive sustainable and green building designs today and in the future. Engineers and architects will need to place a greater emphasis on using energy efficiently while making well-informed choices when designing and developing sustainable facilities.

OpenBuildings Energy Simulator, a standard feature of OpenBuildings Designer, Bentley’s all-in-one Building Information Modeling (BIM) software, allows engineers, architects, and designers to integrate lighting, thermal, and solar analysis into their workflow. 

The application provides users with the necessary toolsets for developing sustainable designs for a broad range of infrastructure assets, including residential and commercial buildings, airports, rail and metro stations, shopping malls, and stadiums, that are compliant with leading sustainability assessment methods, such as LEED and BREEAM, which help ensure optimum comfort for occupants. 

Achieving Sustainability Goals and Meeting Building Regulations –
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Steady State Load Calculations 

  • Easily calculate heating and cooling requirements for equipment sizing using load calculations for heat loss and gain or peak summer temperatures using ASHRAE or CIBSE methods.

Building Material and Construction Analysis 

  • Utilize an extensive catalogue of standard walls, windows, floors, and roofs, or easily create unique construction assemblies to calculate thermal properties such as U-values and thermal admittance. 

Part L Building Regulations

  • Bentley is an officially approved training and testing provider through CIBSE, certifying Energy Assessors as qualified to create Energy Performance certificates in the UK, using OpenBuildings Designer.
  • Achieve Part L compliance and produce energy performance certificates for commercial buildings in England and Wales.
    • SBEM-I Full Validation of OpenBuildings Designer – Energy  Simulator
    • EPC Software Validation Report of OpenBuildings Designer – Energy  Simulator
  • ASHRAE 90.1 and ASHRAE 62.1 supported for US building regulations.

HVAC Manager (with Predefined HVAC Systems) 

  • Choose from a catalogue of predefined standard HVAC system templates, import existing EnergyPlus systems, or use Energy Simulator’s HVAC Manager interface to manually create custom HVAC systems (by editing EnergyPlus components).
  • Take a tabular approach to choose and define system components and parameters that automatically create the necessary linkages between system components for simulation.
  • Modify HVAC systems per ASHRAE guidelines to improve ventilation and efficiently manage airflows. Set flow rate per room, flow rate per square feet, flow rate per person, or air changes per hour to meet the increased demand for airflow or air changes.

Time-based Dynamic Simulation Using EnergyPlus Engine

  • Ensure occupant comfort and efficient energy usage by performing whole building energy analysis.
  • Use project location to select local weather files that can predict conditions over the period of the simulation.
  • Set schedules for building occupancy, equipment on/off times, temperature settings, and more.


  • Directly import Hevacomp design database projects, inclusive of all geometry and building data.
  • Use OpenBuildings Designer to convert architectural design models to analytical energy models.
  • Model buildings directly within OpenBuildings Energy Simulator’s intuitive CAD interface by importing DGN, DXF, DWG, or PDF floor plans.

Daylight Level Analysis Using Radiance Lighting          Simulation Engine

  • Calculate daylight factors throughout the building to analyze lighting and shading requirements and use viewpoints to visualize internal daylight and lux levels.  
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