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Remarkable AEC designs are made possible by remarkable technology solutions.

That’s why leading architects, designers, and engineers trust MicroStation to produce high-quality drawings and 3D models for their AEC projects around the globe. MicroStation is the industry-leading 2D and 3D computer-aided design (CAD) software used for creating precise, fast, accurate, and reliable infrastructure designs, and construction-ready deliverables for projects of any scale saving time, reducing costs, and helping you win more projects.


  • Produce all deliverables with one application 
  • Explore more design options 
  • Integrate any data type 
  • Ensure project-specific standards 

Download a free e-book for an exclusive look at creative projects designed with MicroStation!

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MicroStation makes it easy to work the way you want, leaving you time to do what you do best.

Pad Project uses MicroStation to Design & Engineer Yacht

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STRABAG SE,  Discusses Technology Advances with Bentley Software

Skanska Costain STRABAG JV_Canterbury Vent Shaft

Kodiak Group Working Beyond Infrastructure with MicroStation

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MicroStation is the CAD of Choice for Infrastructure Design Projects

Model anything anywhere
Model anything,

MicroStation creates conceptual and precise drafting, drawing, modeling, and detailing for any industry, with geospatial context.

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Read and consolidate

MicroStation supports and integrates more than 7x the number of file formats than our competitors without translations.

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Report everything, to inform everyone

MicroStation feeds accurate, real-time CAD data wherever you need, including your digital twin. 

Visions Become Reality with MicroStation

Download a free e-book for an exclusive look at creative projects designed with MicroStation!
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Create innovative solutions to meet your clients' unique challenges.

Architects and engineers use MicroStation to collaborate on inspiring projects. MicroStation allows them to present designs and models in a way that communicates design intent effectively to clients. Check out our blog post, “7 CAD Capabilities to Increase Productivity of Your AEC Projects.” 

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