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Start using MicroStation today and experience for yourself, why MicroStation users never SWITCH to AutoCAD.

Still have questions? Here are 10 reasons why the SWITCH will be easy.

  1. Take advantage of RealDWG.  

    Bentley Systems licensed RealDWG from Autodesk, which means you have 100% guaranteed file fidelity for opening, saving, and referencing DWGs.
  2. Use your AutoCAD key-ins. 

    You can use your familiar key-ins via your PGP files with MicroStation. 
  3. Employ similar functions. 

    Many AutoCAD and MicroStation functions are alike, and that means a shorter learning curve for you. 
  4. Keep your same computer. 

    MicroStation’s hardware requirements are much more consumption-friendly than AutoCAD’s – with MicroStation your PC is faster and more agile.
  5. Click for help when needed.

    MicroStation has an active user community to provide support when you need it. Help and advice from your peers is just a click away on the Bentley Communities web site.
  6. Work the way you want. 

    MicroStation user interface and key-in shortcuts are customizable.
  7. Access MicroStation's adaptive learning system.

    This offers hundreds of hours of videos and learning content, including dedicated training for AutoCAD users, to help with a speedy transition.
  8. Access MicroStation's contextual learning. 

    Find help quickly and obtain recommendations about the best way to use the currently selected feature as well as ways to improve your workflows. 
  9. Training available when you are.

    By accessing Bentley Learn + you can take advantage of the included keys, that can be exchanged for training, mentoring, or consulting.
  10. Get a great deal.

    With this special offer, your annual subscription cost is far less than AutoCAD!


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