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Paving the Way to Better Road and Bridge Design  

MicroStation is the instrument professionals rely on to design, model, and manage road and bridge design projects. It not only builds the foundation of infrastructure design projects but is the foundation of your design and engineering solution.  

Providing you power, flexibility, and best-in-class tools, MicroStation makes it easy to work the way you want, leaving you time to do what you do best. With MicroStation, minimize risks, accelerate automation, and win more work.  

Supporting Your Entire Transportation Project Workflow

| Design

Create geospatially enabled 2D and 3D drawings for infrastructure projects, and deliver them on time and on budget, even as project complexities and scale increase.

| Communicate

Produce faster/better documents ready to communicate your design intent. Documents are industry compliant so you can stamp designs with ease and confidence.

| Deliver

A common environment connects your tools, data, and teams, so that you can reliably deliver on even the most demanding projects. 

Plan and Model Your Road and Bridge Projects with Confidence

Find out how designers and engineers use MicroStation to: 
  • Improve design accuracy
  • Bridge the technology gap
  • Increase collaboration across disciplines
  • Design within real-world context
  • Move from 2D CAD to 3D BIM workflows
  • Minimize errors and costly on-site changes
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MicroStation is the CAD of Choice for Infrastructure Design Projects

Model anything anywhere

Model anything,

MicroStation creates conceptual and detailed drafting, drawing, modeling, and detailing for any industry, with geospatial context.

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Read and Consolidate anything

MicroStation supports and integrates more than 7x the number of file formats than our competitors without translations.

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Report everything to inform everyone

MicroStation feeds accurate, real-time CAD data wherever you need, including your digital twin. 

Find Out How Road and Bridge Users Have Utilized MicroStation for Design Projects

Comsa Digitizes Renovation of Century-old Bridge in Cabrianes, Barcelona

Bentley’s integrated BIM applications optimize design and construction monitoring, reducing on-site errors.

CAD_MicroStation_Comsa_Digitizes Bridge Renovation

Gresham Smith Revitalizes Stretch of KY 9 In Newport, Kentucky, U.S.

Bentley software allows Gresham Smith to provide Newport with a safe and modern roadway.

CAD_MicroStation_Gresham Smith_CaseStudy

Italferr S.P.A. Uses Digital Twins to Build Viaduct in Genoa, Italy

Bentley applications help automate processes and streamline collaboration to meet a tight schedule on the EUR 200 million roadway.


Let Us Help You Get on the Right Track to Road and Bridge Design

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There is a growing challenge for transportation agencies to build, maintain, monitor, and repair roads, bridges, and other supporting infrastructure efficiently and cost-effectively. This is no easy feat with increases in project costs, a limited workforce, and condensed project timelines. Organizations are turning to innovative purpose-built technology solutions for help. 

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MicroStation is the only computer aided design software for infrastructure design, helping architects and engineers like you bring their vision to life, present their designs to their clients, and deliver their projects to the community. 

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