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The CAD Leader for 2D and 3D Infrastructure Designs

MicroStation is the instrument professionals rely on to model, document, and manage infrastructure projects – better and faster.

More sophisticated than just a tool, it enables you to:
  • deliver innovative designs and creative visualizations
  • consolidate critical project elements in a single environment

With MicroStation, you have the power, control, efficiency, and security to reliably deliver the smallest to the largest and most demanding infrastructure projects.

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Design, model, and manage your infrastructure projects with confidence.


Create flexible 3D models to envision a design not constrained by 2D drawings, and deliver them on time and on budget, even as project complexities and scale increase. 


A common environment connects your data, team, and design modeling and drawing production in one platform that supports efficient project delivery workflows.


Work with native DGN and incorporate legacy data and file formats like DWG, and point-cloud data without conversions, while maintaining industry standards for graphics and data consolidation.


Utilize 3D modeling, 2D drawings, reporting, and visualization rendering tools all built-in to a single platform, with no need for additional add-ons or products. 

Why CAD users like you choose MicroStation.

"MicroStation does everything that we need it to do. As the CAD Administrator, I am always excited to see what new features Bentley has added to MicroStation. The changes always make our job easier."

Manuel C.
CAD Administrator


"MicroStation is no doubt the best software working for the development of 3D models. One can easily control the dimension styles, references, text styles and line styles .It is very stable. For daily production it is the main platform. Integrating with the advancement of new technologies, the future of MicroStation software is very bright."

James W.
Software Engineer


"It is powerful software, and it was easy to learn since I have a background in AutoCAD. It is beneficial in the designs that I do including roadway design. The new interface has made my workflow much faster."

Arron D.
GIS Technician


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Providing you with power, flexibility, and best-in-class tools without requiring add-ons, MicroStation is the CAD tool you’ve been looking for that’s trusted worldwide by architects and engineers.

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