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Join Dr. Andrew Lees to learn about an innovative case study on Robroyston Embankment in Glasgow. In this interactive webinar you can: 

  • Discover a peer-reviewed method for characterizing the TensarTech Stratum ground improvement solution in Plaxis 3D
  • Understand how to predict differential settlement of embankments with peat pockets using the Soft Soil Creep model.
  • Learn how satellite InSAR displacement data was used to validate the FEA model and monitor embankment settlements
  • Marvel at the £500k saved by Glasgow City Council over harder engineering solutions.  

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Webinar Presenters


Dr. Andrew Lees

Director, Geofem Ltd.


Ahmed Gad

Product Sales Engineer,

Virtuosity, A Bentley Company 

Dr. Andrew Lees is the Director of the geotechnical FEA and satellite remote sensing consultancy; Geofem. He is also the Global Application Technology Manager for Tensar and Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Southampton. He has over 20 years of experience applying FEA in geotechnical design and authored the popular textbook on geotechnical FEA published by the Institution of Civil Engineers. He was a member of the redrafting panel for Eurocode 7 and presented Tensar’s award-winning vlog Ground Coffee.

Ahmed Gad earned his Civil Engineering Degree from Cairo University in 2014. With a passion to connect with Geotechnical Professionals and 9 years of experience in the field, Ahmed is dedicated to sharing his love of Bentley’s geotechnical software applications. Ahmed is a Geotechnical Software Consultant and has been with Bentley Systems since 2019.