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Computational design with Bentley's OpenBuildings Designer is enabling users to completely shift the way their studio thinks about practice—allowing them to spend more time on design and solving problems and much less time on representing and documenting those solutions.

When we are dealing with civil, architectural and structural projects, we face the obstacles associated with complex geometry or its size, not only during conceptual phase but also the design phase. Computational design is a method in which the design is generated by a set of rules. It is a fast efficient and effective method of exploring design possibilities. Computational design automatically propagates changes without the need to manually re-build the entire model. This allows the designer to see variations and to make more informed decisions. This discussion will provide insight on capabilities which GenerativeComponents can offer and which you can implement in your designs. 

 In this webinar, you will learn about: 
  • How computational design allows the teams to focus on resolving problems and finding better design solutions
  • Generated node type 
  • Insight of some node techniques and functions 
  • Best practices with repeatable geometry

Computational Design in Civil Engineering

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Webinar Presenters

Nanette Dorando-Grad 2

Nanette Dorando-Grad 

Product Sales Engineer
Product Sales Manager Europe 

Marcelo Bragagnolo 2

Marcelo Bragagnolo

Product Sales Representative/Europe 

Dorota Lechowicz 2

Dorota Lechowicz

Application Engineer
User Success Manager