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Water engineers always look to improve the knowledge of how water networks behave as a system, how they react to operational, maintenance strategies, and systems failure events. This is while considering the changes that might accrue to the population and the increase of water demands. OpenFlows WaterGEMS is a comprehensive solution used for planning, designing, analyzing, and operating water distribution networks, it helps the engineers to make efficient decisions for the water networks.

The features available in WaterGEMS have helped several consultants, utilities, and government entities all around the world in their projects to save time, money and most importantly reduce non-revenue water.

Join us for this webinar to:

  • Get an Introduction to OpenFlows WaterGEMS
  • Learn how to use scenario management tool in OpenFlows WaterGEMS and how it can add to your modeling journey
  • Understand ModelBuilder and loading methods to create and update your water model
  • Learn about the files formats compatible and accepted in OpenFlows WaterGEMS and the workflow for importing the hydraulic data to build your water network
  • Learn about features like Darwin calibrator, Darwin designer tool, pipe renewal planner, and SCADA simulation


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Webinar Presenters


Rua Suleiman

Technology Consultant

Virtuosity, a Bentley Company

Rua is an experienced professional working in the water infrastructure industry. As a water technology consultant at Bentley’s Virtuosity, she provides consultation sessions based on her experience in the water sector and services in techno-commercial operations helping consultants, engineers & governmental entities to accelerate water projects and match the proper solution to the required need while maintaining cost-effective aspect with the suitable technological solutions at the market.

Deepjyoti Chakraborty

Deepjyoti Chakraborty

User Success Manager

Virtuosity, a Bentley Company

Deepjyoti works for Bentley’s Virtuosity as a User Success Manager Water Infrastructure in Hydraulics & Hydrology and environment. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering. He is responsible for product training, industry presentations, and engineering sales support for a variety of Virtuosity's Openflows software solutions.