To globally support water professionals on the front lines, Virtuosity offers Bentley’s OpenFlows WaterGEMS and OpenFlows HAMMER at a very competitive price with a new simplified licensing model. ​

Confidently analyze, design, and optimize your water distribution system and deliver straightforward results, on-schedule and within budget using WaterGEMS. Sustain your water distribution system using HAMMER to mitigate dangerous transient pressures. ​

By the end of this webinar series, you will learn the user-friendly interfaces, multi-platform compatibility, and how WaterGEMS and HAMMER are a complete package solution that can fulfill all your hydraulic project requirements for any project size. ​

See how you can save money and time with our WaterGEMS and HAMMER solutions from Virtuosity. This webinar series offers you an introduction to practitioner license to Bentley’s most popular hydraulic and transient software at a discount price, with additional expert services and support for faster project success. 

Part 1 Become a Water Distribution Expert with OpenFlows WaterGEMS​  

In today’s world, engineers need a complete water distribution modeling system that can meet all project requirements, reduce design time, and deliver reliable results. 

Join us in this webinar to see how WaterGEMS meets all these requirements, and more, with an easy-to-learn interface.

In this webinar, you will see a demo of WaterGEMS, and discover:

  • Advantages of Virtuosity subscription and product pricing
  • Added benefits of WaterGEMS compared to WaterCAD
  • Increase project deliverable time with interoperability tools and user-friendly  interface
  • Find the most adequate capacity to fight fires with automated fire flow analysis 
  • Accurately represent current system conditions with SCADA integration
  • Decrease non-revenue water with leak detection feature
  • Save money with energy cost analysis 

Part 2 | Transient Analysis Made Easy with OpenFlows HAMMER 


If left unchecked in a water or sewer system, transient pressures can cause catastrophic damage to pipes and equipment, risk the safety of operators, and allow intrusion of dangerous contaminants into the system.

Join us in this webinar to see how HAMMER controls transients by locating high risk spots and determines the appropriate surge control strategies to prevent failures within the pipe system.

In this webinar, you will see a demo of HAMMER, and discover: 

  • Advantages of Virtuosity subscription and product pricing
  • Save time by using previously created WaterGEMS model to perform transient analysis
  • Understand the high-risk areas by simulating a transient event 
  • Easily interpret transient results with multiple display features  
  • Design the most effective and efficient solution by setting up transient protection scenarios 

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Webinar Presenters

Michael Herbergs-1

Michael Herbergs

Product Sales Engineer

Michael holds his Masters of Engineering and has a worked on a wide range of projects from design to costumer support in the past 7 years. As a Product Sales Engineer at Virtuosity, Michael helps professionals across North America to realize the value of hydraulic modeling to their workflows.

Angela Suarez -1

Angela Suarez 

Technical Engagement Engineer

Angela Suarez is a Senior Application Engineer for Bentley Systems in the hydraulics and hydrology product line. Angela holds a Bachelors in Civil Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration. Angela joined Bentley in 2004 through its acquisition of Haestad Methods, and she has fifteen years of water resources modelling experience. Angela is responsible for product training, industry presentations and sales engineering support.