Webinar Series: Concept to Construction
Part 4 - OpenFlows

Hydraulics and Hydrology Design with OpenFlows​ 

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Save time, money and differentiate yourself from the competition with our hydraulics and hydrology solutions. Confidently carry out conceptual and detailed engineering design on-time and within budget for water distribution and wastewater systems.

  • Hydraulic design and analysis of water distribution system
  • Automated design of stormwater system
  • 1D and 2D stormwater modeling to support flood risk
  • 3D view of stormwater flow

The webinar will cover these topics: 

  1. Parametric viewing using OpenFlows WaterGEMS, and OpenFlows SewerGEMS with OpenSite Designer integration.
  2. Deliver minimum-cost designs of new pipe layouts and pipe rehabilitation projects with OpenFlows WaterGEMS.
  3. Perform automated design of stormwater overflow analysis with OpenFlows SewerGEMS.
  4. Perform 3D flooding simulation with integrated reality modeling with OpenFlows FLOOD.

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