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OpenFlows CivilStorm is a fully dynamic, multi-platform, hydraulic modeling solution developed for the analysis of complex stormwater systems. Engineers can analyze these systems using built-in hydraulic and hydrology tools and a variety of wet-weather calibration methods.

From stormwater master plan development to water quality studies, OpenFlows CivilStorm provides an easy-to-use environment for engineers to analyze, design, and operate stormwater systems. OpenFlows CivilStorm performs a comprehensive analysis of all aspects of stormwater systems: rainfall, runoff, inlet capture, and bypass, gravity and pressure piping, ponds, outlet structures, open channels, culverts, and more.

Join us for a webinar to learn how OpenFlows CivilStorm provides various advanced tools and functionalities for enhancing productivity and producing project deliverables on time.

Join this session to:

  1. Get an introduction to OpenFlows CivilStorm and Virtuoso subscription, a1-year practitioner license
  2. Understand critical storm analysis
  3. Learn how to design detention ponds
  4. Get insight on culvert and headwalls modeling
  5. Know how to get started with Virtuosity

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Webinar Presenters


Rupali Jadhav

Product Sales Engineer

Rupali is a water infrastructure professional with over 5 years of experience in the water and wastewater industry. She holds a Master’s Degree in Environment and Water Resources Engineering. As a Product Sales Engineer, she helps professionals across India deliver high quality designs and improve their workflows leveraging Bentley's hydraulic and hydrology solutions.

Deepjyoti Chakraborty

Deepjyoti Chakraborty

User Success Manager

Deepjyoti works for Bentley’s Virtuosity as an User Success Manager – Water Infrastructure with 3+ years experience in Hydraulics & Hydrology and Environment. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering. He is responsible for product training, industry presentations and engineering sales support for variety of Virtuosity Openflows software solutions.