Part 3 | Dynamic Analysis of Storm Network along with Pond Design Using OpenFlows

June 12, 2024 | 11:30 am IST (6:00 am UTC)

OpenFlows SewerGEMS is a cutting-edge hydraulic modeling solution tailored for intricate stormwater systems. Equipped with built-in hydraulic and hydrology tools, along with diverse wet-weather calibration methods, engineers can dissect these systems effectively.

From crafting stormwater master plans to conducting water quality analyses, OpenFlows SewerGEMS offers an intuitive platform for engineers to scrutinize, design, and manage stormwater systems effortlessly. It conducts a thorough analysis encompassing rainfall, runoff, inlet capture, bypass, pipe networks, ponds, channels, culverts, and more.

Join our webinar to explore how OpenFlows SewerGEMS harnesses advanced tools and functionalities, empowering engineers to boost productivity and meet project deadlines efficiently.

Join this session to:
  • Understand Dynamic storm analysis
  • Learn how to design detention ponds
  • Get insight on the Pondmaker tool 

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Part 2 | Sewerage Network Design with Wet Well and Pumping System Using OpenFlows

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Designing sanitary systems demands a meticulous approach, encompassing a myriad of crucial factors. The integration of modeling software has revolutionized this process, empowering engineers to delve into a plethora of scenarios efficiently, thereby yielding cost-effective and resilient designs.

OpenFlows SewerGEMS stands out as a user-friendly platform, facilitating engineers in the analysis, design, and management of sanitary or combined conveyance sewer systems. Join us to uncover the array of tools and functionalities within OpenFlows SewerGEMS that amplify productivity and expedite the delivery of project outcomes.

Join this session to:
  • See data inputs and different loading methods with elements for developing a Sewerage Plan
  • Understand gravity and pressure networks with Constraint-based design for Sewerage networks
  • Review analysis with results and profiles for a Sewerage Master Plan

Part 1 | Transform Intermittent Water Supply Schemes to 24x7 with OpenFlows

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AMRUT 2.0, a government initiative in India, is committed to ensuring that approximately 4,700 urban local bodies receive complete water supply coverage, with around 26.8 million tap connections. Additionally, it aims to achieve 100% coverage of sewerage and septage service in 500 AMRUT cities, providing around 26.4 million connections and benefiting over 100.5 million urban residents. A key focus of AMRUT 2.0 is to ensure uninterrupted, 24x7 access to clean drinking water through tap connections in these 500 cities. As you strive to enhance efficiency in your projects under AMRUT 2.0, we are here to support your journey.

Join us for a webinar to learn how OpenFlows, provides various tools and functionalities to transform Intermittent Water Supply Schemes to 24x7 with OpenFlows

Join this session to:

  • Learn how to build and analyze water supply systems from Intermittent to 24x7 with OpenFlows.
  • Set up conditions, actions, and control sets to fine-tune your model for a 24x7 water supply system​.
  • Gain insight on how to extract results.

Webinar Presenters

Subhranil Chakrabarti

Subhranil Chakrabarti

M.E. Water Resources & Hydraulic Engineering

Product Sales Engineer, Bentley Systems

Subhranil holds a B.Tech in Civil Engineering and an M.E. in Water Resources & Hydraulic Engineering, earning a coveted gold medal in his master's program. With a passion for hydraulic engineering, Subhranil has dedicated his career to the water industry.​

He serves as a product sales engineer for Bentley's GIS-based Hydraulic & Hydrological modeling software solutions. With a career spanning over 5 years across India, Subhranil's expertise lies in water supply, stormwater drainage, sewerage, and irrigation systems, contributing significantly to initiatives like JJM, AMRUT, and projects funded by international institutions such as ADB and JICA.

Akshay Sawant

Akshay Sawant

M.E. Hydraulic Engineering 

Product Success Manager, Bentley Systems

With more than 5+ years of experience in the Water Sector, he holds a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering and a Master's degree in Hydraulic Engineering. His expertise encompasses both consultancy and contractor domains, providing him with a well-rounded perspective. He has actively contributed to numerous Water Supply Projects throughout India.
Within Bentley Systems Virtuosity, he holds the position of a Product Success Manager. 


Ajinkya Lokhande

B. Tech Environmental Engineering

Product Sales Engineer, Bentley Systems

A seasoned water professional with rich experience in water sector and rendered his services in techno-commercial operations, sales and consulting activities. He is an Environmental engineer having 10+ years of experience in Water Industry with different Consultants.

At Bentley Systems, he is associated as a Product Sales Manager and working for adaptation of technological solutions for project design and cost-effective project development with best practices. He assists utilities, municipal councils and consultants to address water projects challenges and build economically sustainable water and wastewater projects.

Deepjyoti Chakraborty

Deepjyoti Chakraborty

M. Tech Environmental Engineering

Product Success Manager, Bentley Systems

Deepjyoti works for Bentley’s Virtuosity as a Product Success Manager Water Infrastructure with 4+ years of experience in Hydraulics & Hydrology and environment. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering. He is responsible for product training, industry presentations, and engineering sales support for a variety of Virtuosity's OpenFlows software solutions.


Ajay A Yadav

B.Tech Civil Engineering

Product Sales Engineer, Bentley Systems

A Civil Engineer with 6+ years’ experience in sales professional specializing in AEC Industry like Water Sector, BIM, Infrastructure, Animation, and 3D Experience tools He provide tailored engineering solutions for technological advancement and financial growth. 
In current role as a Product Sales Engineer at Bentley Systems, he support Engineers and Project Leaders with Bentley Systems OpenFlows products & services in technology adaptation for various water & wastewater Projects.