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OpenFlows WaterGEMS

Flexible and comprehensive solution for water systems engineering, planning, and operations.

  • Optimize model calibration, design, and operations
  • Find leakages and plan tube rehabilitation in advance
  • Forecast operating conditions and minimize disruptions
  • Optimize the pump schedule to save energy costs and decrease non-revenue water

WaterGEMS Webinars


Automated Model Building and Fire Flow using OpenFlows WaterGEMS

Learn how the advanced built-in modules in WaterGEMS helped some of the largest consultants and water utilities around the world save time and money.


Powerful Water Modeling on Virtually Any Platform using OpenFlows WaterGEMS

Learn how to plan, design, operate, and maintain your water systems with a full range of visibility and insights using an easy-to-use, platform-independent water solution.


How to Automate and Optimize Modeling Tasks using WaterGEMS

Learn how you can save time with Darwin Calibrator – automated calibration and leakage localization and Darwin Designer – optimization of capital improvement plans.

WaterGEMS Case Studies


DTK Hydronet Solutions, India

Established a connected data environment to deliver a smart water scheme that provides 24x7 direct access to clean drinking water to every household in Dibrugarh.


NOVOGOR-Prikamie, Russia

Improved the efficiency and quality of the water supply services by reducing operating costs by 55% and significantly lowering energy usage for water supply.


NJS Engineers India

Optimized pressure-reducing valves to control water pressure and implemented smart data sharing that saved 175 resource days and reduced the overall cost of the project.

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