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About Practitioner Licenses
Is the functionality the same between a Practitioner License and a Commercial License?
Within the product, you will likely see no difference between a Practitioner License and a typical Commercial License. Because Practitioner License users receive unlimited access to the eligible Bentley products, Subscription Entitlement Service features such as Access Controls or Threshold Alerting are disabled.
I am having difficulties with assigning my Practitioner License. What I can do?

You should have received an email with instructions and contact details from your User Success Manager who can help. Or you can use the Virtuosity Chat feature on

What happens if a Practitioner License is left unassigned?
Practitioner Licenses that are not assigned will not be used in any entitlement requests by the organization’s users or the subsequent billing of the usage generated while the Practitioner License is unassigned. To make full use of the Practitioner License for its duration, the license must be assigned to a user.

Reminders will be displayed to administrators in the Subscription Services Portal and in Entitlement Management if there are any unassigned Practitioner Licenses.
I can't find a registered user to sign the license on License Management.

Check: Verify that the user was created and that the Entitlement Country is set properly.
Refresh: Clear your cache and browsing history. Then log in to the CONNECT Center page.

How do I re-assign a Practitioner License to another user?
A Practitioner License can be re-assigned as many times as necessary on the first day it is assigned to a user. If it was initially assigned to the incorrect user, then changing it within that first day will require no special action.

After that initial 24-hour assignment period, the Practitioner License will be locked for 30 days. At the end of that 30-day period, the Practitioner License will be available for re-assignment, if necessary. Any re-assignment will restart the 24-hour open user assignment period, followed by a 30-day lock.
My Bentley Licensing Tool shows my license will soon expire. What can I do?

If your Practitioner License is assigned correctly, you can open the Tools tab under the Bentley Licensing tool and select the option “Send Logs Now and Refresh Policy.” If this does not work, please connect with the User Success Team or notify us through the Chat feature.

How does an assigned user know they are using a Practitioner License?
When a Practitioner License is assigned, the user receives a notification. The user can then activate the product either by using the Activation Wizard or by running the product. The Practitioner License will be indicated by the License Type in the Bentley Licensing tool -Entitlements tab.
Does the Practitioner License support offline usage?

Yes. Your Practitioner License can be checked out for offline usage. The maximum checkout time is your valid license period. Learn more at “Checking out license.” 

Do I need to do anything to my PC to use the Practitioner License?
You should upgrade your CONNECTION Client to version 10.00.18.x or higher. This will enable the usage to be recorded correctly as a Practitioner License and avoid any issues with the Practitioner usage being counted against the alerting threshold used for pooled licenses.
I have a Commercial License. How can I avoid QTL after buying a Practitioner License?

If assigned correctly to the end-user, the Practitioner License cannot generate QTL charges. Be sure to log into CONNECTION Client with the same email ID used for your Practitioner License assignment. Otherwise, all license usage will be logged as "pooled."

If you purchased a Practitioner License without having any existing SELECT-covered products, the application will not activate until the Practitioner License is assigned to the user in Entitlement Management.

How I can manage both Commercial and Practitioner Licenses from the same portal?

If you need to manage both Commercial and Practitioner Licenses, you should use the Entitlement Management tool.

I have Windows 7. Is this a problem?

Windows 7 is not compatible with the latest CONNECTION Client. In this case, we recommend you use the lower version of CONNECTION Client. Please see Software Downloads Instructions. 

How do I know if I am using a Practitioner License?

Open Bentley Licensing Tool to see which email ID is currently connected and which type of license, Practitioner or Commercial, is currently in use.


Who is a Fulfillment Contact?

A Fulfillment Contact Admin is the person at your organization who receives a notification of any new or updated license/entitlements from Bentley. Fulfillment contacts need not be administrators, although one fulfillment contact is initially granted administrator access by default. You can contact your User Success Manager or do it yourself. Please see Changing/ Adding Account Admin; Managing user Roles. You can always notify us using the Chat feature on our website.

Can I switch between Practitioner, Commercial, and Term Licenses?

Practitioner Licenses are connected to an assigned email ID. If you need to switch between different types of licenses, it is recommended to use a separate email ID in your CONNECTION Client login.

Who is my License Administrator?

The CONNECT Center provides information about how a user is connected. With this tool, you can see your Project Association as well as the Project Administrators.

Click on "How are you CONNECTED" from the banner at the top and click on the Administrators tab to find your administrator's name and email. Then email that person to ask your question.


Should the same email ID be assigned to both Practitioner and Commercial Licenses?

It is recommended to use separate email IDs so the system is able to recognize the correct license.

How do I exit Trial Mode?

If your software is in Trial Mode and you need to change to the Practitioner License, please follow these instructions.Trial

My software is in Trial mode:

  1. Close the software
  2. Go to Bentley Licensing Tool> Click on Send logs now
  3. Tools>Refresh policy
  4. Open the software again
  5. Open Bentley Licensing Tool to verify that your license type has changed from Trial to Practitioner
I’ve installed the application on two machines. Can I use my Practitioner License on both?

Yes, but not at the same time. You must always sign out if you need to change your machine. The system will not allow you to connect while you are signed in on another machine.

I am unable to add a user. The user already exists with another ultimate.

First check internally under which location's account user is registered currently. The current account admin must delete the user from their account's user management. Once the user is removed from the old account, you can add the user. If this doesn't work, you can contact your User Success Manager or notify us using the Chat feature on the website.

Can I use my Practitioner License for a V8i application?

Bentley V8i SS10 products entered Support Discontinued status on January 1, 2022. Virtuoso Subscriptions are only available for the latest CONNECT Edition applications. For more information, please visit the Bentley Support Policy.

If you have an active Virtuoso Subscription and are using a V8i SS10 application, the product will continue to work but it will be subjected to the level of support described in the Bentley Support Policy.  You are strongly advised to move to the CONNECT Edition as soon as possible.

Which operating systems can support the CONNECTION Client?

Operating systems supported by CONNECTION Client include Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012, and Windows 2016. Windows 7 is not compatible with the latest CONNECTION Client. It’s recommended to use the lower version of CONNECTION Client.

CONNECTION Client prerequisites include .NET Framework 4.6.2 and Internet Explorer 9 or higher.

I'm having problems installing the CONNECTION Client. What should I do?

You will not be able to install if your Windows username has a special character (abc#&123) in it. If your Windows username has a space in it (ex. John Smith), updates through the CONNECTION Client will fail. Contact your User Success Manager or create a Service Request.

How do I update CONNECTION Client?

To check your version of CONNECTION Client and to learn how to update, please visit CONNECTION Client FAQs.

What should I do if CONNECTION Client fails to sign In?

Please check:

  • Temporary Interruption
    As a first step, try right clicking in the middle of the CONNECTION Client window and choose "Back." Or, press F5 to refresh.
  • System Clock
    If your clock is incorrect you must fix it before you can sign in. In the error above, it references that your system clock is not in sync with your network server. In that case, you'll need to contact your IT department to request that the time on the server is fixed. Your time should sync with
  • Proxy Server or Network Firewall
    See the Bentley Cloud Service Portal and CONNECTION Client FAQ for instructions on how to configure the proxy or to make an exception list for the sites that it needs to access.
  • CONNECTION Client Version
    Upgrading the CONNECTION Client version resolved this issue. You can search for and download the latest CONNECTION Client from the Software Center accessible via the CONNECT Center, See Download Options.

    Quick Checklist:
  • Fulfilment document received. The one that receives the fulfilment document is the admin of the account.
  • The practitioner license is already assigned.
  • User Country information is correct.
  • Install the latest CONNECTION Client version.
  • The user is logged in with the same email to which the practitioner license was assigned.
  • If this doesn't work, please contact your User Success Manager or notify us using the Chat feature on this website.
Where can I find information about buying on (i.e. payment options, taxes, errors, cancellations, refunds, etc.)?

To find answers to topics such as payment options, taxes, errors, cancellations, refunds and more, please visit Buying from Virtuosity.

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