Comprehensive BIM for Bridges using OpenBridge

Watch this 3-part webinar series where industry experts will provide a detailed look at the power of BIM for bridge projects, and best practices for implementing a BIM workflow.

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Part 1 | Implementation of a BIM workflow for bridge and infrastructure projects

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BIM projects are becoming a common requirement for large projects in which multiple disciplines interact with each other and at the same time. The speed on which projects need to be delivered do not allow the luxury of waiting for one discipline to finish their work. The design work needs to be done continuously and in a concurrent manner.

Large organizations are struggling on how to implement these new required workflows as they do not only involve adopting new technology but also the way they collaborate within the organization itself and among their subcontractors.

Session highlights:

  • This presentation outlines the necessary steps and considerations that a large organization may need to follow to implement a successful BIM practice.

Part 2 | Using 3D BIM models for final bridge deliverables

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Today’s bridge industry embraces automated software, providing designers with unique options for plans production and 3D models as deliverables.

The industry demands the creation of 3D models for bridge projects in order to embrace the BrIM concept as, at the same time, faces the roadblock of not finding the proper tools and techniques to apply. Let’s review how we can effectively use 3D BIM models to comply with the owner’s contract requirements. 

What you will learn:

  • How to create 3D models for different types of bridges
  • How to add intelligence to 3D bridge elements
  • All about deliverables: final 3D models, reports and plan sheets

Part 3 | Achieving true collaboration: The OpenCivil advantage for bridge projects

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Bridge projects are growing in size and complexity, as time of completion of such project is getting reduced more and more. Exchange of accurate information in real time and true collaboration among the different disciplines involved in the project will make the difference between on-time deliverables or costly delays.

Bentley's Open solutions for bridge, roadway, rail, drainage, survey, geotechnical, and tunnels offer a comprehensive set of tools to tackle any engineering challenge as well as enabling true collaboration among the different professionals involved.

What you will learn:

  • How to leverage Bentley's solutions according to your project needs
  • How to enable a true multidisciplinary collaboration and efficient workflow
  • How to produce project final deliverables

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Webinar Presenters

Alex Mabrich


Manager, Product Management,
Bridge & Tunnel • Civil Engineering
Bentley Systems


Grant LeBeau


Product Sales Engineer 

Mr. Mabrich provides consulting, training, and support services for multidisciplinary design projects for Bentley Systems. His bridge, roadway, site, drainage, and geotechnical expertise range from resurfacing roadway projects thru complex multilevel interchanges in the Americas, Asia and Europe.

A registered PE in Florida, he graduated from Universidad Ricardo Palma in Lima, Peru in 1988, obtained his Master of Science in Civil Engineering degree from Florida International University in 1996, and his MBA at Saint Thomas University in 2017. He also holds a Project Management Professional certification from the Project Management Institute.

Grant LeBeau has a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering and has taken and passed the Professional Engineering exam. Grant also serves in the United States Marine Corps reserves as an infantryman.

After 3 years working in land development projects, Grant joined Virtuosity’s team in the North America as a Product Sales Engineer for Bridge Design solutions. Grant aims to support engineering companies and professionals in enhancing their workflow by integrating cutting edge technology through innovative software solutions. This approach addresses vital business challenges and ensures high-quality output.