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Bentley Transportation Software is for Everyone

Civil Engineering Design Software for Small Businesses

As a small business, your bottom line is always on your mind. For that reason, you may not have considered investing in the same software that large corporations and megaprojects use, but now there is a scalable solution that is accessible and affordable. 

Bentley's transportation software was developed by engineers to improve road projects both small and large. Virtuosity was created to make these top-notch solutions available to small businesses like yours. Virtuoso subscriptions come with customized training so you get the solutions you need without enterprise pricing, complicated processes, or significant downtime. 

Whether you are looking to grow your business, qualify for DOT subcontracts, or simply improve workflows on your current workload, we can help.  Browse our transportation design software for small businesses below or contact us to get started today.

For Road Designers


OpenRoads Designer for Road Design
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For Site Designers


OpenSite Shop Now Image
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For Bridge Designers

OpenBridge Modeler 

OpenBridge Modeler for Bridge Design
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For Drafters/Designers


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For Project Collaborators

ProjectWise 365 

ProjectWise for Project Collaborators
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For Surveyors/Inspectors


ContextCapture for Surveyors and Inspectors
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Why buy from It was built for small businesses., Bentley’s new online store, makes it easy to buy a 12-month, practitioner license that lowers your upfront costs without long-term commitments. In addition to software savings, with every software purchase, you receive access to industry experts to provide the tailored training or mentoring you need for reduced learning curves or help meet project needs.  Still not convinced?  Read a real-life Virtuosity Success Story.

Within 24-hours of purchase, you’ll be paired with a Success Manager to walk through the set-up process and begin designing your customized training program.


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